Hyundai announces future roadmap for Software Defined Vehicles at Unlock the Software Age global forum

Mechatronics are taking over the world, and this discipline of engineering is finding its best expression in automobiles that you drive on a daily basis. Nearly everything about a modern car has some level of mechatronics in it, and software is the driving force behind it. South Korean car giant Hyundai is betting big on software to drive the next wave of innovation in cars that you and me will drive in the future. Hyundai has announced the future roadmap for software defined vehicle at the Unlock The Software Age global forum. Here is all you need to know about Hyundai’s future roadmap for Software Defined Vehicles.

Here are key takeaways from Hyundai’s plans for Software Defined Vehicles of the future:

  1. By 2030, Hyundai Motor Group will invest 18 trillion won in sectors such as the Global Software Center and R&D headquarters to further strengthen software capabilities for SDV development.
  2. Surpass physical limits through new technological developments and mobility experiences
  3. Targeting to make cars like smart phones that can be updated, and the updated features will not depend on the date of purchase
  4. Software-defined vehicles and by 2025 vehicles will be presented with two platform types:
  5. EM Passenger
  6. EV dedicated program and a dedicated platform for purpose-built vehicles
  7. IMA- Integrated modular Architecture, will include improving batteries and motors which will maximize EV product competitiveness
  8. By 2023 all the new EVs will be designed to receive over the air (OTA) software updates. By 2025 all the cars will be software defined
  9. Domain Centralized Architecture which will include comfort, driving infotainment, ADAS
  10. Planning to reduce controls in a way that all the lower controls can be managed using upper controls of the car
  11. Vehicles Operating System developed by Hyundai
  12. Car OS will help analyze car surroundings on the go
  13. New Infotainment system by the company will have AI user experience

Hyundai announces future roadmap for Software Defined Vehicles at Unlock the Software Age global forum

Chung Kook Park, President and Head of R&D Division, Hyundai Motor Group had this to say,

By transforming all vehicles to Software Defined Vehicles by 2025, Hyundai Motor Group will completely redefine the concept of the automobile and take the lead in ushering in a never-before-experienced era of mobility. Creating visionary vehicles empowered with the ability to evolve through software will enable customers to keep their vehicles up to date with the latest features and technology long after they have left the factory. Today, Hyundai Motor Group has revealed the technology concepts, strategies, and future scenarios related to software-defined vehicles that will underpin the core of future mobility. Our holistic approach will empower Hyundai Motor Group to lead the transformation in the mobility paradigm. As we take these technological innovations from imagination to reality, Hyundai Motor Group will unlock the future potential of the car and open up new possibilities to rewrite the customer experience and deliver a new way of life, abundant with meaning and value.