Hyundai Aura parked wrongly on highway: Toyota Fortuner and truck crash into it [Video]

There are several videos and images available online that prove how dangerous Indian roads can be. Several factors on Indian roads often lead to accidents, and in many accidents, people have lost their loved ones. In India, hundreds of road accidents happen every day. Careless driving is the major cause of accidents in most cases. Here, we have a video from Prayagraj (or Allahabad) where a speeding truck crashed into a Toyota Fortuner that had slowed at an exit. The truck and SUV then collided with a Hyundai Aura sedan parked on the side of the road.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. The CCTV footage of the accident was shared by one of his followers online. The accident happened on the Kanpur-Allahabad highway NH2. The video was recorded on a CCTV camera installed next to the road. In this video, we can see vehicles moving smoothly on a 6-lane highway. There is not much traffic on the road, at least on the side where the camera is placed. In the video, we can see a Toyota Fortuner approaching the area where the camera is placed.

Just behind the Toyota Fortuner is a truck, and there are other vehicles behind the truck as well. The Toyota Fortuner can be seen slowing down, and the driver has also engaged the turn indicator. However, it has not changed lanes and is still continuing in the middle lane. The Fortuner driver plans to take the exit, but as seen in the video, there is a Hyundai Aura parked just before the turn, which means it is blocking the Fortuner driver’s view of the exit. The Fortuner driver slows down; however, the truck driver behind him does not.

Truck hits Fortuner from rear

The truck crashes into the rear of the Toyota Fortuner and pushes it forward. The Fortuner driver could not do much, and the SUV crashes into the side of the Aura sedan parked on the roadside. The truck driver does not have enough time to slow down, and he cannot change lanes as there is a Baleno in the right lane. The rear of the Fortuner is completely damaged. The tailgate caves in, and the bumper and tail light are also damaged. As the Fortuner crashes into the Aura, the front of the SUV also suffers damage. The front grille, bumper, bonnet, fender, and headlights are damaged too.

The Hyundai Aura suffers damage to the doors and the boot. As per the video, the occupants in the Fortuner are safe, and there is no information related to the passengers in the Aura. It looks like there was no one in the sedan when this happened. The truck driver probably did not stop after the incident. In this case, all three parties are at fault. The Hyundai Aura driver parked the car too close to the exit, blocking the view of other road users. The Fortuner driver did not change lanes on time and slowed down too fast. The truck driver, on the other hand, was driving the vehicle too fast and did not have enough time to apply brakes or change directions.

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