Hyundai Creta collides with Tata Nexon head-on: Here is the result [Video]

In a recent example of how rash driving can turn into a dangerous accident, a Hyundai Creta met with a head-on collision with a Tata Nexon in broad daylight, which caught the attention of many. Now, a dashcam video of the accident has surfaced on the internet, which has cleared the air about who was at the fault in this accident.

In a YouTube video uploaded by Prateek Singh, we can see the visuals of the head-on collision between a Hyundai Creta and a Tata Nexon recorded in the dashcam of the latter. In the video, we can see how the person behind the steering wheel of Creta is driving the SUV irresponsibly and harshly and colliding with the Nexon in the opposite lane.

The video shows that the Hyundai Creta driver tried to overtake a Volkswagen Polo moving ahead of him in the right lane. However, while overtaking the Polo, the Creta driver misjudged the other vehicles in the opposite lane. In the process, the Creta collided with an auto rickshaw which was moving in the opposite lane. Due to this collision, the auto-rickshaw overturned, though no injuries have been reported for the autorickshaw driver.

Overtaking gone wrong

Hyundai Creta collides with Tata Nexon head-on: Here is the result [Video]

Due to this prior collision between the Hyundai Creta and the auto-rickshaw, the driver of the former lost control of the SUV and continued to drive hastily in the opposite lane. The Creta driver then banged into a Tata Nexon, which was correctly moving ahead in the opposite lane. Due to this head-on collision, both Creta and Nexon suffered damages to their bonnet, front bumpers and headlamps. The dashcam video also shows that the airbags of the Tata Nexon had deployed due to this accident, due to which the driver escaped serious injuries to him.

The dashcam video clearly shows that it was the Hyundai Creta driver who was at complete fault in this incident. The Creta driver failed to misjudge the speed and clearance of his vehicle from other vehicles on the road. The video also shows how overtaking in the wrong lane on a busy road can result in head-on collisions like this.

Driving on the wrong lanes and overspeeding on public roads are two of the most prominent issues, which have become more common than ever before. The footage of the entire accident recorded also shows the importance of dashcams in such accidents, which can serve as fitting evidence to find out who is at the fault in such road accidents.

Perfectly shows the crumple zones of both cars

Crumple zones are designed by manufacturers and are usually proprietary information. The crumple zones are designed to absorb the energy from an accident. That is why some cars crumple very quickly after a collision while other vehicles may not crumple as much.

The idea is to ensure that the kinetic energy is absorbed by these crumple zones. This keeps the occupants of the car safer. Also, the crumple zones are designed in a way that the pillars of the car do not get damaged. The pillars are very important in a car and show the strength of a vehicle after an accident. If the pillars collapse after an accident, the doors won’t be able to open. Also, the roof will also collapse causing injuries to the occupants.

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