Hyundai Creta DCT gearbox overheats while off roading [Video]

Hyundai Creta is one of the most popular compact SUVs available in the market. Hyundai launched the current generation Creta in 2020 and it quickly became popular among buyers. Hyundai Creta competes with cars like Kia Seltos, MG Hector, MG Astor and lower variants of Mahindra XUV700. It is popular among buyers for its premium look and feature loaded cabin. Hyundai Creta is not an SUV that one would take for off-road expeditions. It is a front wheel drive urban SUV that can handle broken roads. Here we have a video where a vlogger drives the Hyundai Creta DCT version off-road.

The video has been uploaded by Ashish Beniwal Vlogs on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger and his friends explore a off-road track in their area. Vlogger was in his Mahindra XUV700 2WD version and his friend was driving in his Hyundai Creta 1.4 turbo petrol variant with DCT gearbox. It is an uphill section and there is no proper road in this section. It is all broken and there are loose rock and soil everywhere.

Both SUVs start climbing up. The vlogger was driving the XUV700 and at one point, the front wheels on the XUV700 started loosing traction. The XUV700 managed the situation pretty well and moved forward without too much drama. The wheels were spinning but, the SUV was making progress. His friend’s Hyundai Creta was right behind his XUV700 and was also climbing up slowly. Vlogger was not accelerating fast on the surface as the chances of loosing control and traction were very high.

After some time, the vlogger managed to climb the uphill section without any issues. Hyundai Creta which was behind the XUV700 was still on the slope. The driver in the Creta can be heard saying in the starting of the slope that the Hyundai Creta was showing warning signs on the instrument cluster that said it was too steep for the SUV. Creta driver ignored the warning and went ahead. Halfway through the climb, Creta started struggling.

Hyundai Creta DCT gearbox overheats while off roading [Video]

In comparison the Mahindra XUV700, the front wheels on the Hyundai Creta were getting less traction and were spinning freely. The driver was constantly pushing the Creta on the uphill section and after sometime, it reached a point where the SUV was not climbing any further. The instrument cluster started showing notifications that said the DCT gearbox has overheated. The warning asked the driver to park the car so that the transmission can cool down.

After waiting for some time, vlogger’s friend starts the car and then attempts to move it forward. Within seconds, the overheating warning sign comes up on the instrument cluster and then the driver decides to take the Creta back in reverse as there was not enough space on the track to turn the vehicle around. After driving the car in reverse for few metres, vlogger thought of attempting the climb once again. This time around he was carrying some speed and the momentum helped him climb up the steep section. The Hyundai Creta’s transmission overheated because the gearbox was under a lot of pressure while climbing up. It is because of all these reasons why taking 2WD SUVs off-road is not recommended.

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