Ford Endeavour gets royally STUCK: Tractor to the rescue [Video]

Having a 4X4 SUV does not give you the license to go just about anywhere your eyes can see. The statement stands true for all the 4X4 vehicles unless they are modified and are well-equipped to enter swamps and extreme slush. Here is a video of all-new Hyundai Creta and Ford Endeavour having an off-road session where the Endeavour gets so royally stuck that even the Creta could not pull it out.

The video is made by Sonia Hooda who took the Ford Endeavour 3.2 4X4 and the all-new Hyundai Creta to an off-roading track. The idea was to test the capabilities of the Creta in extreme off-roading but they ended up getting the Endeavour stuck in the mud.

The video shows the Endeavour driver having fun in the open fields and then taking the car into a fairly deep swamp, which has stagnant knee-depth water. The Endeavour did move around in the water for quite a bit good time but when it was finally time to come out, it got stuck and had to be rescued. This is a 3.2-litre five-cylinder engine powered Ford Endeavour that comes with a low-range transmission and a rear differential locker too. While these two equipment is very useful during an off-roading session, not complementing them with good tyres and a driver who can handle can turn out to be a messy situation.

The video shows Ford Endeavour’s wheels moving freely inside the swamp, which is causing it to get stuck even more. After the Endeavour failed to come out of its own, they removed the mud from the front of the SUV with the help of a shovel and tried pulling it out with the Creta. Well, the Endeavour has a massive weight, which is close to 2 tons and with the vehicle stuck in the mud, it would be an impossible job for any 4X2 vehicle to pull it out. With the loose surface, the Creta did not have enough traction to pull out the Endeavour from this situation. It would have been equally difficult for a 4X4 vehicle too unless there is an electric winch installed. Nonetheless, after the Creta failed to pull out the Endeavour, a tractor came to the rescue, which pulled out the Endeavour without much of a problem.

Ford Endeavour gets royally STUCK: Tractor to the rescue [Video]

Why did the Endeavour get stuck?

Well, there are a few reasons for that. First of all, the stock Endeavour is not equipped to go into such places. Yes, it can take extreme off-roading but that requires drivers who know their way around off-roading tracks. This Endeavour had road-biased tyres, which were not providing ample traction to take out the car from the swamp, which caused the vehicle to dig deeper and get stuck even more.

It does not seem like the driver engaged the rear differential lock in the swamp. The rear tyre can be seen moving freely, which means that the rear diff-lock was not engaged. The driver did not try to gain traction by moving the wheels around too. The video shows that the steering remains in the same position and the wheels keep on moving. The driver should have moved around the steering, trying to find any traction to help the Endeavour get out of the slush. These are a few things that we believe got the otherwise capable Endeavour stuck in the slush. What do you think happened here? Let us know in the comments section.

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