Hyundai Creta gets a 4-Star Latin NCAP Safety Rating

Hyundai Creta has received a 4-star (out of five) rating in Latin NCAP, and has been deemed safe by the testing agency. It underwent a frontal crash but not the side impact test, according to Latin NCAP’s website.

The test vehicle was left-hand drive, made in India, weighed 1,496 kilos, and had dual front airbags. It scored four stars in adult protection (15.57 out of 17), three stars in child protection (29.87 out of 49), and its bodyshell ‘was rated as stable and was capable of withstanding further loading’.

Hyundai Creta Compact SUV 1

In India, the Creta is sold with dual airbags only on the S+ trim onwards while the top-spec version gets six airbags. ABS is standard across all versions, but the Base and S trims do lose out on airbags. Prices start at Rs 8.69 lakh, ex-showroom.