Hyundai Creta gets stuck on beach: But it’s legal! [Video]

In India driving a car on most of the beaches are illegal for various reasons. However in Kerala there is a beach where you can legally drive a car or a bike. It is Muzhappilangad beach which is located in the Kannur district of Kerala. It is the only drivig beach in India and it was also featured among top 6 driving beaches in the world by BBC. Athough you can drive on the beach does not mean you won’t get stuck. Driving on a beach is still very risky and here we have  video that shows just that. A Hyundai creta that got stuck on the Muzhappilangad beach was rescued with the help of locals.

The video has been uploaded by Hridayaragam on their YouTube channel. In this video, a Hyundai Creta SUV which was being driven on the beach got stuck at one point. As per the video, the Creta was very close to a ledge where the sand was very loose. One of the front wheel slipped from the edge and the rear left wheels was now in the air. As we already known, Creta is a front wheels drive SUV. Once the front wheel got stuck in the sand, the other wheel which was free did not have any power and it was stuck. The SUV had actually beached and it was not moving at all.

Locals who were there on the beach then gathered around started helping people. As it was just sand, the Creta did not get any damage. People who had gathered around the car started pushing the SUV and finally they managed to recover the vehicle. This video is a great example that show why one must be very careful while driving on a beach or any unfamiliar surface. In this case, it is not clear whether Hyundai Creta driver deliberately drove the car to the ledge or was that a mistake. We have seen many videos in the past where 2WD SUV owners push their vehicles to the limit by taking it off-road and end up getting stuck.

Hyundai Creta gets stuck on beach: But it’s legal! [Video]

2WD SUVs are not meant for off-roading and we have mentioned this on many of our previous articles. One can easily drive a car or an SUV on Muzhappilangad beach but, there are some section where one has to be a bit careful. Thankfully the SUV was not stuck badly and was rescued by the locals within no time. Problem with 2WD SUVs like Hyundai Creta, Kia Seltos and other SUVs is that the power from the engine is only sent to front wheels.

In case the vehicle gets stuck at any point, there is no way the SUV can come out without help from another vehicle. If you are going off-road or for such adventures, always travel in groups. At least have a back up vehicle that would pull you out in case you get stuck. In this case, the SUV was stuck on a beach. Salt water is extremely corrossive in nature. If you ever get a chance to drive on India’s Muzhappilangad beach, make sure that you get the vehicle to a car washing center immediately and clean the body and underbody with fresh water. This would help in removing the sand and also the salt water residue on metal and plastic panels.