Hyundai Creta: Hot transformation ideas

Hyundai Creta is the most popular compact SUV in India. It’s been selling like hot cakes and has already made a big appearance on the roads. Here are 5 transformation ideas that can make the Creta very unique.

Get a body wrap


Wraps are a great way to change the way car looks and at the same time, protect it from scratches. The Creta has been wrapped eye-catching-ly in Matte Lemon shade wrap. Even the car logo on the grille has been colored to match the wrap color.

The black A-pillar of the Creta provides a floating roof effect with this new wrap, making the SUV look very unique. One can even add black/blacked out alloy wheels to make it look even better.


More power


Hyundai Creta already has a very powerful engine. The 1.6-litre diesel engine produces a maximum of 126 Bhp and 260 Nm of maximum torque. Even the petrol engine is very powerful and that makes Creta the fastest car in the segment.

If you want to pack even more power in the car, get the car remapped. There is already one diesel Creta that has been remapped by Pete’s. The car now produces 148 Bhp of maximum power and 300 Nm of torque making it 20% more powerful than the stock car.

creta 4

Better looks


The Creta looks good from any angle. The sharp lines on the car make it very aggressive and elegant. If you want to go a step further, you can add body kit to the car to make it even more envious.


One such Creta with body kit is already available in the market and sure looks sweet. The changes include 18-inch Momo alloy wheels, body colored plastic cladding all round the car, upgraded lamps and darkened tail-lamps. The contrasting black roof and spoiler of the car also notches up the look.

Luxurious Interiors


The Creta comes loaded with features. The car has all the creature comfort one looks for in this segment and everything has been designed very well. No one complains about extra luxury, and you can make the Creta even more luxurious by simple upgrades.


The Creta shown here has Dakota leather wrapped seat. The dashboard also gets leather with piano black trim. There is a new audio/video entertainment system. This makes Creta feel like much more premium car.

Add your own taste


Modifying a car is an art and if the car is already good looking, the modifications increase the visual pleasure by multiple times. Here is one such Creta that has been tastefully modified.

2016-08-25 (1)

The car gets new alloy wheels, body graphics, roof rails, faux air scoop on the bonnet and modified exhaust outlet. The car elegant car can be transformed into a badass looking car with such modifications.

Good Sound


A potent music system increases the pleasure of driving in any situation. Be it a traffic jam or long road trip, a quality music system can always change the mood in the car. Now there are good aftermarket systems available in the market. The system shown here has been upgraded thoroughly.


The car is been shrouded with STP damping to further enhance the quality of the sound. The head-unit has been replaced with a Pioneer touch-sensitive unit. There is Ultra Crossover to enhance the sound level and amplifier from Rainbow. The car also gets subwoofer amplifier from Kenwood. The speakers and tweeters come from More!.



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