Hyundai Creta iMT S variant in a detailed walkaround video

Hyundai recently launched the Knight Edition and also introduced iMT gearbox in their popular SUV Creta. The iMT transmission was first introduced in Hyundai Venue and it was later on introduced in Kia Sonet, Seltos and even Hyundai i20. The Hyundai Creta with iMT gearbox is available only in one variant and the price for the same is Rs 12.83 lakh, ex-showroom. Hyundai Creta iMT version has started arriving at the dealerships and here we have a detailed walkaround video of the Creta iMT version.

The video has been uploaded by Drive Expo on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger talks about how different the iMT version of Hyundai Creta actually is from the regular versions. As mentioned above, Hyundai Creta is only available in one variant and the same is shown here in the video. The Hyundai Creta iMT is available with S variant only.

The vlogger takes a detailed walkaround of the Creta in this video. Starting with the front, the car gets projector headlamps with halogen lights in them. There are split LED lights but they are not DRLs and only glow when the car is on. As this is S variant, it comes with a decent looking front grille with chrome outline and silver inserts in them. The front skid plate is also finished in Silver. Coming to the side profile, the S varaint of Hyundai Creta gets dark coloured wheel caps that are designed to look like an alloy wheel. The front fender of this Hyundai Creta gets iMT badge which differentiates it from the regular version.

Hyundai Creta iMT S variant in a detailed walkaround video

There is silver coloured side skirt and the Silver finished C pillar garnish is also seen in the car. As we move to the rear, the car gets black inserts in tail lamps and a sleek gloss black inserts are seen on the tail gate connecting the tail lamps. The rear bumper also gets silver skid plate. As this is the S variant, it comes with decent number of features. It gets a smaller touchscreen infotainment system that supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, automatic climate contorol, multi-function steering wheel, cruise control, analog instrument cluster, electrically adjustable IRVMs, dual tone leatherette upholstery and so on. The touchscreen infotainment system also shows feed from the rear parking camera. It misses out on features like panoramic sunroof, air purifier and many more.

The main difference in this Creta is the gearbox. The iMT gearbox is ideal for those who want the freedom of manual gear shifts without clutch pedal. It is an ideal combination for city where there is bumper to bumper traffic. The driver can manually slot into the gear that wishes to drive the car in and can stay in the same gear. We have explained this system in the past. Here we have a set on sensors that engage clutch. Whenever, the driver puts moves the gear lever to shift the gear, the sensor sends signal to the clutch to engage and as soon as the car gets into the gear, the clutch automatically disengages. The car only be started when it is Neutral.

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