Hyundai Creta Knight Edition compared with regular Creta in a walkaround video

Hyundai recently launched the Knight Edition version of Creta SUV in the market. It is based on the regular Hyundai Creta and comes with minor cosmetic changes. The Knight Edition of Hyundai Creta has already started reaching dealerships and delivery for the same is expected to start soon. As mentioned above, there are some cosmetic changes to Hyundai Creta Knight Edition when compared with regular version. What all are these changes? Here we have a detailed walkaround video where vlogger compares regular Creta with Knight Edition to find out the differences.

The video has been uploaded by Motor Planet Official on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about the changes that are there on both the versions. Hyundai is offering Creta Knight Edition only in S+ and SX(O) trims. The regular Creta on the other hand is available in more variants. The Knight Edition version seen here in the video s the S+ variant. Hyundai Creta Knight edition is available in White, Grey, Red and Black shades. Vlogger starts by talking about the front of both the SUVs.

Hyundai Creta gets a premium looking front grille finished in chrome. The Knight Edition on the other hand gets similar looking design for the front grille but there is no chrome on it. There are Red accents on the front grille which adds to the sporty appeal of the car. All the chrome garnishes on the car have been replaced with gloss black inserts. The front skid plates that are finished in silver in the normal version has been finished in black. Coming to the side profile, the Knight Edition gets an all-black alloy wheels. As this is the S+ variant, the design of the alloy wheel is different from the top-end variant.

Hyundai Creta Knight Edition compared with regular Creta in a walkaround video

The lightning arc on the regular Creta is finished in Silver shade. The Knight edition gets the same part finished in black. The car comes with blacked out ORVMs as well. The side skirts on the Knight edition version are also finished in piano black. Other than this, the thick black claddings around the car is retained. As we move to the rear, there are Piano black inserts on the tail lamps and a black strips can be seen running across the tail gate. A Knight emblem can be seen on the tail gate as well. The rear skid plate on this version is also finished in gloss black instead of silver.

The regular Creta on the other hand gets body coloured inserts on the tail lamps and there are no black inserts on the tailgate. The rear skid plate is also finished in silver finish. The regular version of Hyundai Creta comes with Ice grey and black dual-tone interiors while on the other hand the Knight edition comes with an all-black interior with Red accents on seats and AC vents. Depending up on the variant you choose, the features offered in the car differ. The S+ variant of the Knight edition misses out on some features when compared to the top-end SX(O) variant. It still comes with a smaller touchscreen infotainment system, multi-function steering wheel, panoramic sunroof and so on.

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