Hyundai Creta modified with 20 inch alloy wheels is a looker

Hyundai Creta is one of the most popular and best selling mid size SUV in the country. The current generation Creta got launched in the market last year and like the previous generation, it became quickly popular among buyers for its looks, price and features. Hyundai Creta competes with cars like Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, Renault Duster, MG Hector, Tata Harrier in the segment. People have started modifying Hyundai Creta SUVs and we have featured some of them on our website too. Here we have a Hyundai Creta with 20 inch alloy wheels and some other modifications.

The video has been uploaded by 47 NATION on their YouTube channel. In this video, vlogger talks about all the modifications that are done to the SUV. This is an SX trim Hyundai Creta which means it came with decent amount of features already. It looks like the owner wanted more and went ahead with the modifications. At the front, The front grille gets a chrome garnish on it. A body skirting has been installed on the front bumper which gives it an aggressive look.

Like many other car modifications that we have seen in the past, the owner has used a lot of chrome garnish on the car to give it a premium finish. The whole car gets PPF coating and there is a silver finished vinyl on the front door as well. The main attraction on this Hyundai Creta are the wheels. The Creta gets massive 20 inch aftermarket alloy wheels. Hyundai Creta comes with 17 inch alloy wheels from factory. The wide 5 spoke chrome finished alloy wheel are wrapped with low profile tyre. The wheels are wide and slightly extend out from the body.

Hyundai Creta modified with 20 inch alloy wheels is a looker

The owner has also installed LED strips inside the wheels which glow at night. Rain visors, lower window garnish have also been installed on the car. Coming to the rear, no major modifications are seen here. The owner installed a chrome applique between the tail lamps, an aftermarket diffuser on rear bumper along with some LED reflector lights.

Moving inside, Creta SX already comes with features like panoramic sunroof, touchscreen infotainment screen and so on. Owner customised the speaker system in the car and installed dual tone seat covers in it. He also installed floor mats and also tinted the windows and sunroof slightly. One of the modification that owner has done in this Creta is the starlight roof. The roof liner has lights installed in them but, video does not show how they look. Other than these modifications, owner has also installed flashing lights, siren and ambient lights in the car.

Owner mentions that he has spent around Rs 2.30 to Rs 2.50 lakh on the modification. The car definitely looks different but, is it the best modified Creta that we have seen in India? we are not sure. The large alloy wheels along with the low profile tyres look great but, they would definitely affect the ride quality and handling of the vehicle. Hyundai offers Creta with three engine options. There are two petrol and one diesel engine on offer.