Hyundai Creta modified tastefully [Video]

Hyundai Creta is one of the best selling mid-size SUVs since it was first launched in the Indian market. It has become a common sight on our roads. Because of this many people have started customizing their Creta so that it stands out on the road. Here, we have a Hyundai Creta that has been modified extensively.

The video is uploaded on YouTube by Akshay Vlogs. The owner of the Hyundai Creta that we see in the video is Ishan Chaudhary. The Creta has been purchased this year only and the owner chose to modify it. Originally, it is the E Diesel which is the base variant.

A bumper kit has been installed on the Creta. Because of this, it looks sporty. The kit also has an additional strip of LED Daytime Running Lamps. The headlamps have been given a smoked effect. On the sides, there are 20-inch aftermarket alloy wheels. It is running on 255/35 R20 tyres. So, they are low-profile tyres and they can be a bit hard to maintain.

Hyundai Creta modified tastefully [Video]

There are side steps installed that make getting in and out easier. The windows are also tinted in black. Even, the windshield and the rear glass window have been tinted black. At the rear, there are after-market LED tail lamps. There is a bumper extension installed on the rear bumper also. It gets red accents and a faux rear diffuser. The original colour of the bumper extension was different but the owner repainted it to gloss black. Because of the weight, Creta’s ride height is decreased.

Hyundai Creta modified tastefully [Video]

Then the host climbs into the interior and as we can see there are a lot of modifications. The major one is that it now has an orange and black theme. On the door panel itself, there are three speakers and two tweeters placed. On the A-pillars also there is a speaker and a tweeter. Because of so many modifications, the stock plastic door pad has been replaced with a fibreglass one. The stock roof liner has been removed and a starry night roofliner has been installed that has been copied from the Rolls Royce. The steering wheel is also wrapped and the centrepiece has been replaced with a gloss black unit.

Hyundai Creta modified tastefully [Video]

The owner has also installed an aftermarket electric sunroof which measures 18.5 inches. Audi A6 uses the same sized electric sunroof. The owner says that he got a warranty of 2 years on the sunroof, after which he will need to take it for a service. There is also ambient lighting installed. It cost around Rs. 10,000 to the owner. An aftermarket touchscreen infotainment system from Sony has also been installed. The speaker system of the vehicle is still not ready and it still requires some work.

The owner has not shared the cost of the modification but considering that the Creta was originally a base variant and now it is equipped with a lot of features, the expenses would have been quite a lot.


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