New Hyundai Creta vs Muddy Road shows why compact SUVs are not meant for off roading

Hyundai Creta is currently the most popular mid size SUV in the country. It has been ruling the compact SUV segment for a very long time and last year after the new gen Creta got launched, its popularity increased even more. Hyundai Creta is popular among buyers for its looks, features and price. It competes with cars like Kia Seltos, MG Hector, Tata Harrier in the segment. Creta is a front wheel drive SUV and has enough ground clearance to tackle the broken roads and potholes in the city and highway driving conditions. It is not a SUV that you should take off-road. Here we have a video that proves just that.

The video has been uploaded by Manish Jat on his YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger explaining what he has planned for the video. He along with his friend took their Hyundai Creta to a mud road section. At one spot, the soil had become very sticky after the water got collected there. Vlogger plans to drive the SUV through the sticky mud to find out if Creta can actually be driven through such terrains.

As mentioned above, Creta is a front wheel drive SUV and is not meant for such conditions. Vlogger asks his friend to slowly approach the mud section and try to cross the section without carrying much momentum. The driver does the same but, even before the SUV could enter the mud completely, the front wheels started loosing traction. The traction control started kicking in and the driver was unable to drive the SUV any further.

New Hyundai Creta vs Muddy Road shows why compact SUVs are not meant for off roading

The Creta was stuck and was not going forward. After several unsuccessful trials, vlogger asks his friend to reverse the car to bring it out of mud. As there was no traction on the wheels, moving in reverse was also a task in itself. Driver managed to bring the SUV out and second time, vlogger asked him to enter the muddy section while carrying some momentum. Driver did the same but, mid way through the stretch, the wheels lost traction and started spinning again.

Vlogger then asked his friend to come out and tried bringing the Creta out of it. He tried driving it out several times and finally managed to bring it out. Once Creta was on the other side, it had created a track where it can smoothly cross the muddy section. After creating the track, the SUV once again crosses the same stretch without any problem.

The reason why it  was loosing traction all the time was because it was using Highway tyres and not AT or MT tyres. Second reason was that it is a front wheel drive SUV. The power from the engine is sent to the front wheels only. Incase of an AWD or a 4×4 SUV, the power is sent to all four wheels which makes it easier for the car to come out of such tricky situations. It is not recommended to take front wheel drive SUV for the same reason.

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