2024 Hyundai Creta Base Trim Modified Into N-Line Knight Edition [Video]

2024 hyundai creta base to n-line knight edition

Hyundai Creta, a popular player in the Indian compact SUV segment, has always been a preferred choice among car modification workshops. This is due to the car’s large customer base and the increasing trend among people to add personal and unique touches to their cars. We have covered multiple examples of modified Hyundai Creta in the past.

Each modification job comes with its own unique bits. Today, we are going to cover the conversion of the recently launched 2024 Creta into the Creta N-Line Knight Edition.
The job is carried out by VIG Auto Accessories who have showcased their work through a YouTube video.

The interesting part about this particular job is that the workshop is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and the owner of the car is from Amritsar, Punjab. The car shown in the video is the base E variant of the Hyundai Creta.

2024 Hyundai Creta Base Trim Modified Into N-Line Knight Edition [Video]

The video starts with the exterior of the Hyundai Creta SUV. The changes in the exterior include –

• Addition of connected DRL
• Parametric black chrome grille from the top model
• Sporty red graphics on hood
• Twin Hyundai genuine hood scoops
• Front, back and side gray colored skid plates changed to gloss black ones with red inserts. Skid plate extenders have also been installed.
• Halogen headlamps upgraded to 180w LEDs
• 18-inch alloy wheels borrowed from the newly launched Creta N-Line
• Another highlight of this particular job is the dual tone finish. The roof of the SUV is wrapped in gloss black PPF instead of the regular vinyl wrapping

• Fender mounted indicators have been removed and covered with ‘adventure’ inserts.
• ORVMs with integrated indicators and electric adjust & fold function have been installed for added convenience.
• Silver panel on the C pillar have been changed to gloss black to give the car an aesthetic appeal
• Shark Fin Antenna, knight edition badging along with sports ABS spoiler is added
• Rear left and rear right taillights have been changed to top model units

Overall, the changes done to the exterior are kept minimal. Along with adding to the look and appeal of the SUV, they also serve a function and add to the convenience.
With the exterior changes covered the host takes us on a tour of the interior to show the work they have carried out.

Inner handles have been replaced with the top model ones along with leather padding on armrests of all four doors to add a touch of premium-ness. Seat covers finished in the same color as the interior are installed to protect the original upholstery of the vehicle.

Driver’s side door pad has been replaced to accommodate the controls of the ORVMs which are also installed by them. Shadow ambient lighting along with silver strips has been added to make the interior more attractive.

The key highlight of the cabin is the flat bottom steering with gloss black accents. The AC vents have been changed to gloss black with silver lining from the top model. 9-inch infotainment system with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay along with damping and speaker setup has been added. After showing all the changes, the video concludes with the customer’s feedback, which was full of praise considering the work done.