10 features the new Hyundai Creta offers that the Kia Seltos doesn’t!

The 2020 Hyundai Creta is all set to be launched on the 17th of March, and will take on the Kia Seltos, which is currently India’s best selling compact SUV. A leaked feature list suggests that Hyundai has made the Creta go one up on the Seltos in many areas. The Creta will share its platform with the Seltos but get many additional features. Here are 10 features the new Hyundai Creta offers that the Kia Seltos doesn’t.

Voice controlled panoramic sunroof

Creta 1

The all-new Creta will be the first SUV in its segment to offer this feature, and by adding voice control to open and close the panoramic sunroof, Hyundai has brought in an element of drama.

Electric parking brake with auto hold

This is another segment leading feature in the new Creta, and this is straight from the luxury car class. The Kia Seltos offers a mechanical parking brake, and no level of automation.

Paddle shifters for the turbo petrol automatic

Creta 21

This is a feature purely aimed at enthusiasts who would like to make best use of the sporty 7 speed twin clutch gearbox and the 1.4 liter turbo petrol engine that puts out 138 Bhp-242 Nm. The Seltos offers the same engine with the 7 speed automatic gearbox, but does not offer paddle shifters.

Twin tip exhaust

This is another sporty element in the new Hyundai Creta’s design, and one that emphasizes the SUV’s performance. So far, no compact SUV in India has ever offered this feature as a factory fit. Are we to expect a sporty suspension tune on the new SUV?

Remote start for manual variants

While the Kia Seltos offers remote start only on the automatic variants, the Hyundai Creta will take this one step further and offer it even with the manual, higher trimmed variants.

 Puddle lamps and welcome function

While puddle lamps are useful, the welcome function looks like a gimmick. Even so, this is a feature that a lot of buyers are likely to appreciate as it will give them a unique experience that other SUVs don’t offer.

Customized Bluelink Voice Commands

The Bluelink  voice commands can not just be used to open and close the panoramic sunroof but even tell the cricket score. This is a nice touch that many Indian buyers will love.

Headrest cushion

Creta 31

The new Creta will have a backseat headrest, even for the middle passenger on the back seat. Hyundai is likely to have made the new SUV more spacious. Even otherwise, the addition of the headrest for the passenger in the middle of the back seat should make life more comfortable.

Touch control for the air purifier

Air purifiers seem to be becoming standard on Hyundai cars and the new Creta seems no different. However, Hyundai has taken this feature a step ahead on the new Creta by offering touch controls for the air purifier. The Seltos offers a non-touch air purifier.

One touch cruise control

Creta 2

This is another segment leading feature on the new Creta, which will compete not just with the Kia Seltos but also the Tata Harrier and MG Hector thanks to pricing. The Seltos offers cruise control without the one touch function.