Meet the Archer, India’s first tastefully modified new Hyundai Creta

The compact SUV segment is one of the better-growing segment in the Indian automotive space. Combined with the subcompact segment, these two categories make up for around 3/4th of all SUV sales in the country. In the compact SUV segment, the Hyundai Creta has the honour of being the top-selling vehicle. It comes with multiple engines and transmission options and ticks almost all the right boxes, which is the reason why it has been selling so well.


A lot of Creta owners modify their rides to give it a personal touch or to make it look sporty. One such owner is Sherin Sivanandan. Sherin hails from Kollam, Kerala and wanted to give his latest model Hyundai Creta a grand makeover. The Creta you see here belongs to him and it can be seen that it for sure has been given one hell of a makeover. The modifications are not only limited to the exteriors but the interiors have been given a luxurious makeover as well. Sherin has named his Creta as Archer, and we don’t know why but the name sounds apt for this mod job somehow


Talking about the Archer, it has been given a full makeover and now gets a lowrider stance along with that dapper look. The front bumper has given way to a new one with LED DRLs and custom blacked lip spoiler. The grille has been kept stock but the chrome is gone and it has been finished in gloss back shade. The headlamps have been given a custom eyelid treatment which further adds to the overall visual appeal of the Archer.


The rooftop has been covered in gloss black paint shade which ends towards the white roof-mounted spoiler at the rear. The Archer’s sides are kept pretty much neat and clean. The ORVMs have been blacked out and side skirts have been added to maintain the lowrider look. The gorgeous rims are Radi8 18-inch units shod with Accelera performance tyres.

Moving to the rear, the stock bumper has been replaced here too by a custom low unit. A blacked out diffuser has been further added to the end which makes the tail look quite sporty. The tail lamps receive the blackout treatment while the roof mounted spoiler completes the whole look in an assuring way. Sherin has also added Akrapovic exhaust tip on the rear which lends it a loud burble.


Talking about the interiors, the Archer has been draped with red leather all over. The horn pad, dashboard panel, doors seats among other things have now all been covered by a sea of red leather. The ribbed seats swathed in expensive look crimson leather further takes up the aesthetic value of the interiors. The seats are custom units and look very comfy in the pictures.


The whole cost of converting a Hyundai Creta into the Archer is about Rs. 2 lakh while a good 45 days were spent for the entire modification to be completed.  Another interesting thing to note here is that Sherin did most of the work involved in this mod job himself. He himself searched and found fibre worker painter and other skilled professionals when needed.

The Archer is certainly among the more clean looking mod job of the new Creta we have seen so far. There is not a hint of intimidation or bulkiness to this SUV. Rather, it all svelte and smooth along with being eye catchy. Hats tip from us to Sherin who worked hard to make his version of Creta come true.

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