Hyundai Creta owner drives with monkey on lap [Video]

hyundai creta monkey lap featured

Some people adore cars and pet animals, and with the increasing trend of social media platforms, many people tend to show their love for both through creative videos. One such video of a pet monkey playing inside a Hyundai Creta is going viral on Instagram. While it looks all fun and cute, it also highlights a hidden risk of how driving with pet animals in the driver’s seat can be dangerous.


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The video has been uploaded on Instagram by a user named Prince Verma, in which his pet monkey can be seen playing in the front row of his Hyundai Creta while he is driving the SUV. In the video, the driver of the Creta is first seen driving the SUV with no seat belt lapped to his chest. However, what’s the prime highlight in the video is his pet monkey, who is seen playing around the steering wheel of the Creta while the SUV is driven on a highway.

The video progresses with the pet monkey playfully lapping himself around the inside rearview mirror of the Hyundai Creta and then falling around the transmission lever in the lower centre console of the SUV. The video concludes with the monkey snatching the camera of the Creta driver after falling on the lower centre console from the inside rearview mirror.

Hyundai Creta owner drives with monkey on lap [Video]

All these antics of the monkey playing in and around the front seat of the moving Hyundai Creta are recorded by the camera held by the driver of the SUV, who is recording all the antics of the monkey while driving the car. Most of the people in the comments section of the Instagram reel are vowed by the cute antics of the monkey while he is playing inside the front row of the moving Creta. However, some netizens also raised concerns about several risky actions by the Creta driver and monkey seen in the video.

First of all, despite the strict actions by traffic police, many still prefer to drive their vehicles without wearing seat belts, like the Hyundai Creta driver seen in the video. Also, driving with a pet animal in the front row while the animal is joyfully playing with the prime controls of the vehicle, like the steering wheel and transmission lever, can be extremely dangerous.

Monkeys are known to be mischievous, and one playful action of the animal could have turned this cute video into a recorded proof of a risky accident. We urge our readers to drive their vehicles safely on the road, with more caution while driving on the highways and not follow such antics of playing with animals and using phones while driving, as highways are more prone to unpredictable dangers.