Hyundai Creta owner scammed in just 3 minutes in broad daylight: Caught on video

There are a number of scam techniques used by the thieves and they are very innovative. We have already seen many videos of the infamous “thak-thak” gang operating in the Delhi-NCR to steal valuables and cash by distracting the occupants of the car. Here is an incident where a new gang uses a different technique to steal valuables from Hyundai Creta. The whole episode got recorded on CCTV.

The CCTV footage is from Harsh Vlogs and the exact location of this incident remains unknown. The video shows a couple of thieves already tracking the car and following it. As the Hyundai Creta owner finds parking on the side of the road and slips the vehicle between other vehicles to park, the thieves take their positions.

When the Hyundai Creta owner gets out of the car, a gang member gets ready to do his job. Just before the owner could lock the car with a remote, the gang member swiftly opens the rear door of the Hyundai Creta and walks away usually without creating suspicion.

The owner of the car stands near the car for a few seconds and gives it a good look. However, he does not check if all the doors are closed. The video footage shows that the Creta owner comes back after a few seconds with another man to show something on the bumper of the car. But he did not notice that the rear door is open.

As soon as the owner moves inside, the gang member opens the rear door of the Hyundai Creta and takes out the valuables from the vehicle and runs away.

Check the doors properly

It is always advisable to check all the doors properly after locking the car to avoid such scams. While there are many vehicles that set of a sound warning to alert the owner about the lock status of the vehicle, there are many other vehicles that do not give out any such warning.

Many different gangs at work

This is not an isolated incident where a gang of robbers tried to loot a car. There are many such infamous gangs like thak-thak gang, axle gang and more who do such robberies quite often. The operation procedure of the thak-thak gang is also well-documented in the CCTV cameras and even the cops have made numerous arrests. The gang lures the driver to come out of the vehicle by throwing money or saying that oil is leaking from the radiator. When the alone driver comes out of the vehicle, they take out bags that contain valuables like a laptop or cash. They also have different approaches like becoming a pedestrian and alleging that the car has hit them.

The axle gang operates on the Yamuna Expressway and they keep big rocks in the middle of the highway. When the rocks hit the vehicle, it goes out of control. In most cases, the axle of the vehicle breaks, which is how the gang got its name. They then loot the car and occupants and run away from the spot. There are gangs that do such things to the truck drivers and loot cash and other material that they carry. In a few cases, they even dress like policemen to confuse the motorists. It is always a good idea to travel only when there is ample light and travel at night only if you know the route very well.

Shantonil Nag

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