Rashly driven Hyundai Creta hits two-wheeler & flees: Cop launch manhunt for Creta driver

There are thousands of accidents that happen on the Indian roads daily but only a small number are reported to the police. Here is an accident that was caught on a dashboard camera of a car. It shows a rashly driven Hyundai Creta hitting a scooter at high speed. The Creta then runs away from the spot.

The incident happened on the Salem-Coimbatore highway and got recorded on the dashboard camera of a car. The video shows the double lane highway and a Force Traveller and Renault Duster on the right lane of the highway. There are two riders on a scooter that is on the extreme left of the highway, just inside the lane marking.

Suddenly a high-speed Hyundai Creta enters the frame from the right-hand side of the car that is recording the video. The Creta driver overtakes the vehicle with the dashboard camera and accelerates ahead. However, the driver of the Duster started veering to the left lane, which caused the space to shrink.

It seems like the Creta driver panicked, applied the brakes, veered to his left to avoid hitting the Duster. The two riders on the scooter on the extreme left were unsuspecting and did not expect something like this to happen. The Creta hits the scooter and then speeds away from the spot. Both the riders fall down and even one of the helmets fall down from the rider.

The riders on the scooter fall down and the scooter rolls multiple times before coming to a complete stop. If the car did not have a dashboard, we would not have been able to see the magnitude of the crash.

Police search started

The Creta driver was definitely driving rash at a high speed and was also overtaking from the wrong side. The police have started looking for the owner of the Hyundai Creta and whoever was driving the vehicle at that time.

The driver of the Creta escaped from the spot even without slowing down. The locals saw the injured riders and took them to the hospital. Both of them are injured and are getting treated at the hospital. After the Creta driver gets caught, a series of charges are expected against him.

Who was wrong?

Rashly driven Hyundai Creta hits two-wheeler & flees: Cop launch manhunt for Creta driver

The scooter was on the left corner of the lane and was riding at a decent speed. However, most expressways have banned the two-wheelers due to such accidents. Two-wheeler riders should ensure that they are not riding alongside other vehicles on the highway as it reduces the space for other vehicles to take over and cause exactly the same accidents as the one we saw above.

The helmet of one of the riders also came off, suggesting that they were not wearing it properly or fastened it tightly. This is one of the major reasons for head injuries when accidents occur in India. Most people just put on the helmet without ensuring that the helmet fits the head properly. Also, fastening the belt securely is also very uncommon and that is why the helmets come off during accidents.

The Hyundai Creta driver was at an extremely high speed and after he panicked and applied the brake, he ran away from the spot. It is never a good idea to run away. The Creta driver also overtook other vehicles from the left, which is not the proper overtaking manoeuvre and can cause accidents as we saw in the video.

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