Hyundai Creta-rivaling Volkswagen T-Cross compact SUV: What it'll look like

Hyundai Creta-rivaling Volkswagen T-Cross compact SUV: What it’ll look like

Volkswagen is all set to launch its first affordable SUV in the Indian market. Called the T-Cross, it’ll be based on the MQB A0 IN platform – a low cost derivative of the MQB platform designed specifically for emerging markets such as India and Brazil. While the compact SUV won’t be here before 2020, here is a speculative render that shows what it will look like when put into serial production.

As the render shows, Volkswagen is likely to take its typically conservative styling approach. Safe and solid, the compact SUV will look like a Volkswagen, with a clean, straightforward design. The T-Cross looks like a mini Tiguan and has none of the styling flourishes that competitor SUVs in the compact segments offer. While looking quite plain at first glance, this is a design that will age gracefully.

Volkswagen has declared that it would heavily localize cars based on the MQB A0 IN platform in order to price them competitively in the cost conscious Indian market. The same approach is likely for the T-Cross SUV as well. Expect the SUV to be priced similar to the Hyundai Creta, with probably a slight price premium that Volkswagen has been known to command based on its brand strength. So, a starting price between Rs. 9-10 lakhs is anticipated.

While we’re not sure if Volkswagen will continue with a diesel strategy on its cars sold in India beyond 2020, what’s certain is that there will be a turbocharged petrol engine as a staple on the T-Cross SUV. Both manual and automatic gearboxes are likely to be on offer. However, only front wheel drive is likely as an all wheel drive layout at this price point may not bring in enough sales to justify such a variant. The T-Cross will be developed keeping an electric/hybrid future in mind. In future, electric/hybrid variants of this compact SUV are likely, even for India.

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