Hyundai Creta vs Mahindra Scorpio in a drag race

Hyundai Creta is currently one of the most popular mid-size SUV in the market. The all-new generation of the SUV came to India last year and it quickly became popular among buyers. People like Hyundai Creta for its distinct styling and feature loaded cabin. In 2002, Mahindra also launched a revolutionary product that became very popular among SUV buyers in India. The model was Scorpio, and over the years, Mahindra has made several minor and major changes to the SUV to maintain the fresh look. Here we have a video where Mahindra Scorpio and Hyundai Creta diesel are seen in a drag race.

The video has been uploaded by Ashish Yadav on their YouTube channel. The video starts with vlogger talking about the engine specifications of both SUVs. The Mahindra Scorpio is powered by a 2.2 litre mHawk turbo diesel engine that generates 140 Bhp and 319 Nm of peak torque. It is available with a manual gearbox only. Hyundai Creta on the other hand is powered by a smaller 1.5 litre turbo diesel engine that generates 113 Bhp and 250 Nm of peak torque.

On paper, Mahindra Scorpio was winning the race. Both driver’s lined up their SUV on the road. They chose an empty stretch of road that was closed. After lining up the SUVs they start the race and suddenly we see much more powerful Mahindra Scorpio struggling. It did not get a great start and Hyundai Creta took advantage of the situation.

Hyundai Creta vs Mahindra Scorpio in a drag race

Hyundai Creta took the lead and maintained it throughout the race. Mahindra Scorpio was left behind and could not close the gap. In the second round, both driver’s switch vehicles and then start racing. In round the Mahindra Scorpio struggles at the start and Hyundai immediately takes the lead. This time, Hyundai Creta was very ahead of Scorpio. It almost felt like the driver was not able to accelerate properly at the start and the gear shifts were also not smooth in the Scorpio.

Finally, both SUVs line up for the last round and in this round the Mahindra Scorpio performed competitively. The Scorpio accelerated pretty fast and took the lead. It maintained the lead for some time and it was only towards the end that Hyundai Creta pulled ahead. Hyundai Creta won all three rounds without any problem.

As mentioned above, on paper it felt like Mahindra Scorpio is going to be the clear winner as it was a lot more powerful and generated more torque. It sure does have a bigger engine but, it also happens to be the heavier vehicle in this race. Mahindra Scorpio easily weights over 1,800 kilograms whereas the Hyundai Creta diesel weighs around 1,300 kilograms only.

The weight plays a crucial role in any race and this is one such example. As Hyundai Creta was lighter, it had a better power to weight ratio than Mahindra Scorpio. The extra weight on Mahindra Scorpio stopped it from getting a clean start from the beginning. Mahindra is currently working on next-gen Scorpio and it has been spotted testing several times. It will different from the current version and is expected to be launched in the market early next year.