Hyundai Creta with snowchains driven in snow: Should you do it?

We have mentioned it in many of our articles in the past that driving a 2WD car or SUV off-road is not recommended. There are several risks that are involved while doing something like that. The chances of getting the 2WD vehicle stuck are very high while off-roading and it might also lead to some accident. There are however several videos available on the internet that show how some 2WD SUV owners drive their vehicles on such surfaces. Here we have a video where a Hyundai Creta with snowchains is being driven on snow.

The video has been uploaded by DCV Expeditions on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger is seen in his Force Gurkha on a heavily snowed mountain road. When he started recording the video, he was stuck in a very long traffic jam. As the road was closed, many trucks and other vehicles waiting on the side of the road. After some time, vlogger realised that the road was not going to open anytime soon, so he turned the vehicle around and started looking for a place to camp.

After finding a spot, he opens the boot and opens the cooking table which is mounted on the tailgate of his SUV. As he was preparing, he notice a Hyundai Creta that looked different from the ones that we normally see on the road. As we all know, Hyundai Creta is a front wheel drive SUV and that restrics its capability to go for extreme off-roading. Driving on snow is actually very tricky especially with a 2WD SUV. There are several incidents where drivers have lost control on the vehicle due to slippery snow.

Hyundai Creta with snowchains driven in snow: Should you do it?

In order to tackle this situation, Hyundai Creta driver had tied snow chains to the front wheels of the SUV. This was giving the SUV’s front wheel more traction on snowy or slippery surface. The Creta driver then takes the SUV on a flat surface where there was snow. He drives the SUV through snow without any issues. Due to snow chains, the front wheels were getting traction. If you were driving a 2WD SUV without the snowchains, it would have lost traction already. The Creta driver had his share of fun with the SUV on the snow and then returned to tarmac.

The tail of the SUV was coming out while turning and that shows how slippery the surface actually is. Another advantage that the Hyundai Creta driver had was that the vlogger who was driving a well equipped Force Gurkha was there to help, if the SUV gets stuck in snow. It may look like a fun activity but, should you do it? Our answer to that is a No.

Snow is extremely tricky surface to drive. With snowchains in place, the chances of Creta getting stuck have only come down and not vanished. This would definitely help them while they are on the road when it snows. At the end of the day, Hyundai Creta is a 2WD SUV and it is not meant to do stuff like this. While driving on road with snow, never accelerate or brake too hard and it would make the car go out of control and gaining the control back in a car on snow is quite tricky.