This Hyundai Creta with widebody kit looks menacing

Remember the black coloured previous-generation Hyundai Creta with a widebody kit? Well, the owner has updated the looks of that vehicle and it looks like a beast in its latest form. The Creta owned by Dr Gautham Prakash received quite a few changes that make it look fresh and thoroughly updated. Here are the details.

This Hyundai Creta with widebody kit looks menacing

The Creta now gets a different grille at the front. The mesh grille gets a thick bar across with the “GTUNED” branding on it. There are two additional projectors installed on either side of the grille. That’s not it, there are fog lamps mounted just on the side of the extra lamps. The fog lamp housings look extremely aggressive too and these also get the mesh design. The bumper is new and it also gets an underbody spoiler that makes it look bagged or lowered. There are additional LED DRLs mounted just above the spoiler that adds to the overall aggressive looks of the car.

Even the headlamps are aftermarket. There are LED detailing in the lamps that add a unique identity to the vehicle. Even the hood of the Creta gets a massive scoop but we are not sure if it is functional or only there to make the vehicle look much more aggressive.

This Hyundai Creta with widebody kit looks menacing

There is side skirting in this vehicle too and not to miss the brilliant looking all-black alloy wheels. There are only these two changes on the side of the vehicle. The rear of the vehicle gets some heavy changes though. There are quad exhausts mounted to an aftermarket bumper with a spoiler. Also, the tail lamps are aftermarket and are all-LED. There are additional LED lamps installed above the bumper of the vehicle. With these changes, the Creta does look like an aggressive beast.

This Hyundai Creta with widebody kit looks menacing

Is it legal?

While structural modifications are banned in India, cops in different states and union territories implement the rules differently. While states like Kerala and union territories like Chandigarh and Delhi are quite strict about such modifications, there is not much of a problem with the modified vehicles from the other places in the country. In Kerala, the cops implement the rules quite strictly and even aftermarket bumpers are not allowed. In fact, Kerala authorities imposed a high challan on the lifted Isuzu D-Max V-Cross monster truck and forced the owner to switch it back to the stock version.

Modifications do add a unique look to the vehicle and make it look very different from the other vehicles on the roads. However, additions like a bullbar and extra lamps are dangerous to the others on the roads and that is why the authorities have banned them on public roads. In Kerala, the cops use high-end lux meters and sound meters to check the intensity of the aftermarket headlamps and also to check the noise level of the exhausts and the horns. Such adoptions are likely to take place in many other states in the coming time.

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