Hyundai launches doorstep car service in India

India’s leading carmaker, Hyundai Motors has launched a new service program which aims to provide better after sales service to its customers. Called the Door-Step Advantage, it is a door-step servicing program for customers. With this new initiative, Hyundai customers present at more than 475 locations across India are expected to be benefited. The Korean manufacturer is aiming towards making the service experience fast, seamless and hassle-free for its customers by offering this new initiative. This will further add to the already good service support of the company and will have a positive impact on sales.

Hyundai launches doorstep car service in India

Hyundai has one of the best after sales service support and network across India. The car maker also topped an after sales customer satisfaction survey conducted by JD Power in 2018 and 2017. For the Door-Step Advantage initiative, Hyundai claims to have deployed over 500 two-wheelers which will cater to the requirements of customers.

It will offer services like minor repairs, dry washing and car detailing at any location according to the customer’s request. Bookings and payments for the Door-Step Advantage service can be made online, which makes it quite convenient in today’s digital age.

Speaking on this new initiative, S. Punnaivanam, VP – National Service, Hyundai Motor India Ltd. said:

Hyundai is a caring brand and as a lifetime partner and beyond, Hyundai has always emphasized on best service support for its customers. The Door-Step Advantage makes the entire service experience fast, seamless & hassle-free strengthening customer trust

Hyundai’s biggest rival in India, Maruti Suzuki also offers a similar doorstep car service. Maruti uses two-wheelers for providing quick support to its customers. Apart from this, Maruti Suzuki also has a ‘Night Service’ program which means both Arena and Nexa cars can be serviced round the clock. Toyota too offers a similar door step service for its customers. The company sends a service van to the customer’s location of choice and offer various different services including proper tasks like wheel-balancing among others.

With increasing focus of auto companies on customer service, it can be said that finally manufacturers are paying heed to their customers. Good after sales service is a factor which is crucial during the car buying and decision making process for both potential and existing customers.

The dominance of Maruti Suzuki in the Indian market is the proof how after sales service can affect the car buying decision. The peace of mind factor is a crucial element in the ownership experience and this makes an existing customer to again buy a car from the same brand instead of jumping towards another brand.