Hyundai Elantra, coming to India soon! A video review

Hyundai displayed its Corolla-Civic competitor Elantra at the Auto Expo 2012. Another “Fluidic” Hyundai, is a radical departure from the previous generation version which was quite conservative.

The new Elantra should appeal to those seeking a more thrilling, flamboyant look. Its major task though would be to convince buyers that Hyundai can deliver a world class product, one that is good enough to compete with the Japanese and German offerings. To do that, Hyundai has loaded Elantra with class-leading features and we expect it to come in a wide variety of variants allowing the lower-end variant to beat Corolla price.

When will it be available? Hyundai hasn’t given any dates but has said it will launch 18 models in the next two years. And we know that Elantra, Sonata and the new i20 are next line. Add two and two and launch looks pretty imminent—within three, max six months.