India’s latest cow-dung coated car is a Hyundai i20 Elite

We have seen many people using cow dung coat on their cars to keep them cool in the scorching summer heat of India. Every time someone coated their car, it went viral on the internet. Well, this time it is the Hyundai Elite i20 that has been spotted in the parking complex of Tirumala. It is being said that the car belongs to a person who is from Karnataka who came to visit Tirumala Srivari. People were shocked and started clicking pictures of the vehicle and posting on social media.

India’s latest cow-dung coated car is a Hyundai i20 Elite

Earlier, we have seen a Mahindra XUV 500 which was coated with cow dung. It was done by Dr Navnath Dudhal from Pune. He claimed that cow dung helps in keeping the car cool due to which he uses the air conditioning less which in turn helps in preventing pollution. He claimed that the cow dung reduces the cabin temperature by 5 to 7 degrees when compared to the outside temperature. He used three coats of cow dung on his SUV.

We have also seen images of a Toyota Corolla Altis that was also coated with cow dung to keep the car cool. We also saw a Toyota Innova which was also coated with cow dung at a wedding. It was done by Mr Dudhal who wanted to promote the use of cow dung and saw a good opportunity at a wedding. He is also a doctor and believes that cow dung can cure cancer and remove all other illness from the human body.

India’s latest cow-dung coated car is a Hyundai i20 Elite

Having said that there is no scientific explanation given by anyone regarding it. Yes, some people in villages do use cow dung on their houses so that they stay cool from inside but there has been no scientific proof presented that cow dung also works on a car. Sachin Punekar, Founder President of Biospheres, an organisation working with the mission of conserving biodiversity, said,

There is no such research on whether car coated by cow dung repels heat. One needs to assess it properly and then go further with the method. I do not understand the idea of coating car with cow dung, because once the metal is exposed to sunlight, it will heat up. But if this is method really works, then the scientist and researcher should work on it. We can adopt new technology by doing so.

Cow dung is an insulator so it can technically keep a car cooler if you apply it properly. However, the sheer effort that goes into doing multiple coats on the vehicle is too much. Also, cow dung has minimal returns, it does not reduce the temperature of the cabin drastically. Then there is the biggest issue of them all. What if it rains?

Well, if it rains the owner could be in a big problem. The layer of cow dung would mix with water and melt forming a muddy substance that will go over the windshield. Due to this, the driver won’t be able to see outside which is very dangerous on a road. Then there is an issue of the cow dung entering the engine bay which can damage the engine and it can be difficult to clean the engine bay.

Even the automobile manufacturers do not suggest washing an engine bay but if it gets covered in cow dung then you might not have any other choice. So, yes using cow dung on your car has more issues than the problems it claims to solve.