Hyundai Elite i20: 5 gorgeously MODIFIED examples from around India

Hyundai Elite i20 has remained one of the favourite premium hatchbacks in India. The Elite i20 in its latest form looks quite attractive and sophisticated and with its European looks, the hatchback sure has the potential to look even better.

There are quite a few modified examples of Elite i20 from India, especially from the Southern part of the country with massive body kits. Here are five modified Elite i20s that look quite different from the stock car.

Angry bird

Hyundai Elite I20 1

This one looks like the car form of the angry bird. The white coloured Elite i20 gets a range of added modifications and blood red highlights. The hatchback gets a body kit that adds muscle to the vehicle. It gets flared wheel arches, front and rear bumper spoiler and side skirts too. The red highlights take the visuals to another level altogether. It gets red elements in the headlamp, alloy wheels, and the body kit.

Blue Hulk

Hyundai Elite I20 Modified Featured

This Elite i20 has lost all its original lines and shape to muscle up all around. This car gets heavily modified and gets eye-grabbing looks. There is a muscular hood with a huge air-intake at the front while the grille has been given a new shape. The aftermarket bumper makes the Elite i20’s original grille hexagonal and now it gets a meshed grille. It also gets bolt-on wheel arches that make the i20 much wider than the stock. Also, do not miss the side skirts that accentuate the aftermarket grille even more.

Wrap job

Elite I20 Wrap 2

Wrapping any car can make suddenly change the way it looks. Here is the chameleon custom wrap for the Elite i20 that makes it look completely different and way more interesting than the stock model. It gets aftermarket headlamp with built-in DRLs and angel eyes too. There is no trace of chrome on the vehicle that further increases the sophistication level of the car. Finally, the blacked out stock rims give it the “head-turner” look.

Blacked out

Elite I20 4

Black is the colour of beauty and there is a different kind of attraction in the vehicles in black. Here is an Elite i20 that has been given an all-black treatment. It gets an aftermarket front bumper too with a prominent lip spoiler. There are LED DRLs mounted on the lip spoiler itself and adds the glam to the vehicle. Even the stock grille has been updated to a new all-black one. Apart from the Hyundai logo, there is no chrome in the vehicle and the aftermarket headlamps make the face even more interesting. It also gets upsized aftermarket black alloy wheels.

Kit Up! Lime

Yellow is a colour that is not available for most of the cars in India. KitUp! took the job of giving the Elite i20 a new, sunshine yellow treatment with wrap. The car also gets blacked out alloy wheels, tail lamps, roof and C-Pillar giving it a dual tone effect. The car also gets new projector headlamps with angel eyes surrounding them. KitUp! has also made the interior premium by wrapping them in leather.

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