Hyundai Elite i20 with Predator Body Kit and gold wrap is a head turner [Video]

Hyundai elite i20 is one of the good looking cars in India. The premium hatchback still looks fresh even after some year of launch. Elite i20 is also popular among enthusiasts how love to modify their vehicles. There a quite few examples of the the modified i20s in India and we covered them on our website in the past. Here we have one such wildly modified i20 which is definitely a head turner on the road. The video has been uploaded by Vinay Kapoor on his Youtube channel.

The first that stands out on this modified elite i20 is the gold wrap. This i20 is literally a ‘Golden boy’ and the spotless Gold wrap on the car looks great. The roof gets a black wrap which gives it more of a sporty touch. It is not everyday that we spot such cool looking cars that stand out in the crowd. Th other modification done to this i20 is the Predator body kit. The video explains that the owner had got the gold chrome wrap and the body kit work done from different places.

The predator body kit used in this gold chrome wrapped i20 adds up to the aggressive stance of the hatchback. The Predator body kit used in the i20 is a stage 2 or Type 2 kit which is made of architectural alloys. This makes it stronger than the older fiber glass or plastic body kits. The owner has installed the kit all around the car and it gives it a sporty and aggressive look.

Hyundai Elite i20 with Predator Body Kit and gold wrap is a head turner [Video]

On the front bumper, the kit is installed on the lower portion and the video also shows how sturdy these kits are. All these kits are installed in such a way that it does not compromise on ground clearance. That comes in as a relief for the owner as he won’t have to worry about hitting the kit and breaking it over any speed bump.

Coming to the side of the vehicle, It has Predator sticker on the Alloys and it also gets the Predator kit skirting on both the sides. At the rear it has the same Stage 2 predator diffuser. The video explains that it is a three piece kit and if in case the owner damages any of the section in that kit, he can buy that particular piece without buying the whole diffuser. The cost for this stage 2 Predator Kit is Rs 12,999 excluding GST.