Alto rival Hyundai Eon launches at competitive price of Rs. 2.69 lakh

Hyundai has just launched its smallest and cheapest car in India – the Hyundai Eon. The Eon will be available in six variants priced between Rs. 2.69 lakh and Rs. 3.71 lakh. The Eon is a direct competitor to the Maruti Alto, especially the 800 cc variant whose prices start at Rs. 2.32 lakh.

The Eon has more space than the Alto and will appeal to first-time car buyers and small families looking for an affordable city car. Buyers of the Hyundai Santro too may want to look at the Eon as it is a more modern car than the Santro in terms of design and space utilization. Also read:

Hyundai plans to make about 140,000 Eons a year, showing that it’s keen to sell at least 11,600 cars a month, about half the number that the Alto currently sells. The top end of the Eon also eats into the base Maruti Wagon R price band and could lure some buyers away from the Wagon R as well.

Alto rival Hyundai Eon launches at competitive price of Rs. 2.69 lakh
Photo: Hyundai Eon is priced well enough to tempt buyers of both Alto and Alto K10

Hyundai has interestingly launched six variants of the Eon, each available in six color choices, and priced within Rs. 20,000 of each other.

Take a look at the Eon variants and their prices below:

Variants and prices

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So just how does the Eon compare with the Alto? First up, the Eon has more space than the Maruti Alto as it is slightly larger. The base variants of both cars don’t get power steering or AC.

The Eon is slightly larger than the Alto and measures 3495 mm (length)  x 1550 mm (width) x 1500 mm (height), compared to the Alto which is 3495 x 1475 x 1460 mm. This frees up up more legroom inside the Eon, compared to the Alto. The Eon also feels better built than the Alto in terms of plastic quality going by the models that were unveiled at the launch.

The Eon is powered by an 814 cc engine that makes 55.23 bhp (56 PS) of power and 75 Nm of torque. This engine has better power specifications than the regular Alto which is powered by a 796 cc, three cylinder engine that makes 47 PS of power and 62 Nm of torque. In terms of mileage as well, the Eon is better with a claimed 21 kmpl to the Alto’s 19.73 kmpl.

Hyundai has give buyers plenty of choice in terms of features in its variants. The base variant of the Eon (D-lite) gets no power steering or air conditioning. The variant above it (D-lite with AC) gets an airconditioner. The Eon Era gets both power steering and AC, similar to the Alto LXI.

However, if you look at the pricing, the Alto still seems extremely good value for money as the Eon is about Rs. 30,000 more than the Alto variant for variant. So while, it may lure some buyers who can afford to stretch their budgets a little, it isn’t likely to displace the Alto as the largest-selling car anytime soon.

Similarly, the Eon Magna competes with the likes of the Alto K10. While they may be similar on features, the Alto K10 beats the Eon in terms of performance. The Alto K10 is powered by a 997 cc engine that puts out 67 bhp of power and 90 Nm of torque, making it peppier than the Eon.

The Eon Magna Option and Sportz actually compete with cars like the Wagon R and Santro, as they are priced in similar territory. Again in terms of engine power the Wagon R is better, but the Eon has more features. The Sportz variant has a driver’s airbag, power windows and tilt steering – features that the Wagon R LXI priced at Rs. 3.65 lakh does not have.


The Hyundai Eon is a worthy and fresh alternative to the Maruti Alto and Chevrolet Spark at one end of the price band and the Hyundai Santro and Maruti Wagon R at the other end. It is slightly better than the regular Alto in terms of features and performance, but still can’t beat the Alto on pricing.

However, the higher end variants are too closely priced to more powerful rivals such as the Wagon R and Zen Estilo to make the Maruti models really worry. Going by Hyundai’s production plans for the Eon, the company seems to be content with settling for about 11,500 cars a month in terms of sales, which is about the level of the Wagon R’s sales, but half that of the Alto.

Buy the Eon if you’re looking for an entry-level hatchback with more room and power than the Maruti Alto.

Hyundai Eon Tech Specs

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