Hyundai has launched the much-awaited Eon small car in India at a competitive price range with base variant starting at Rs. 2.69 lakh and top-end variant priced at Rs. 3.71 lakh. Hyundai has atleast one trim of Eon (in all six trims) for buyers looking for cars in the Rs. 2.5 to 4 lakh price bracket.

We compare the Eon Magna against the Maruti Alto K10 VXi (top-end variant), in order to find out which car is a ‘value for money’ buy.

Driving and handling

The Alto K10 is powered by a 1.0 litre 3-cylinder, K-series motor that makes 67 bhp of power unlike the 814 cc of Eon that makes only 56 bhp of power. The K-series engine is the more refined engine that offers better performance without compromising much on the fuel economy. We had test driven the Alto K10 and indeed found it to be a pocket rocket. On the other hand, the specs of Eon suggest that it would be a car suitable for sedate driving and may not be as quick as the Alto K10 in terms of acceleration.

hyundai eon vs maruti suzuki alto k10 comparison photo

With regard to handling, the Alto K10 VXi handles well within city speed limits, and feels unstable only at higher speeds. We are yet to get our hands on the Eon, after which we will update you on how the Eon handles when compared with the Alto K10. But since both the cars primarily will spend their life in city commuting, handling may not be a deal breaker for a potential buyer.

Both should handle similarly, but in outright performance, the Maruti Suzuki Alto K10 is the winner.

Space and comfort

The Eon measuring 3495 x 1550 x 1500 mm is shorter in length but wider and taller than the Alto K10 (3620 x 1475 x 1460 mm). The Eon has a longer wheel base of 2380 mm which is 20 mm longer than the Alto K10’s 2360 mm, which means it’s likely to have better ride stability and more legroom for passengers. Being a tall boy design, the Eon offers more head room and better under thigh support than Alto K10.

Boot space in the Eon is 215 litres, which is larger than the Alto K10’s 170 litres. The interiors of the Eon Magna also get a few more cubby holes and door pockets than the Alto K10.

Overall, in terms of space and comfort, the Eon Magna has a significant edge over the Alto K10.


Hyundai’s fluidic design throws in attractive curves and aerodynamic forms all over the Eon’s exterior. The large headlamps, unique shaped door handles, funky tail lamp structure and the chunky rear bumper makes the Eon appear larger than it actually is. This may work well among budget small car buyers for they get a stylish car with bold road presence at a lower price point.

The Alto K10 is a slightly modified Alto, with a teardrop eye- like headlamps and rounded tail lamp cluster. The side profile and overall contours have conventional structure.

When compared with the conventionally designed Alto K10, the stylish-looking Eon appeals more.

Features in two variants

Both the Alto K10 VXi and Eon Magna come with features such as power steering, AC, front power windows and central locking.

The Alto K10 is equipped with front fog lamps and rear parcel tray not found in Eon. The Eon comes with tilt steering, micro roof antenna, front door full size arm rest and gear shift indicator for better fuel economy.

Features wise, the Eon Magna has a slight edge over the Alto K10.

Price, mileage and overall VFM

The Eon Magna is priced at Rs. 3.36 lakh while the Alto K10 is priced at Rs. 3.17 lakh.

As per the ARAI-certified fuel economy, the Eon returns 21.4 kmpl while the Alto K10 returns 20.2 kmpl. Therefore, based on the claimed mileage, the Eon scores more than the Alto K10, although in real world conditions we expect both cars to be similar.

Overall, the Alto K10 offers more with regard to performance while the Eon Magna which costs Rs. 19,000 more than the Alto K10 VXi, offers more space and comfort for the occupants

Pros and Cons

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  1. I don’t knw y u r comprg alto k10 with neon…..alto come under 1liter segment and neon under 800 cc…

  2. You are comparing alto k10’s top end varriant with magna.. :O and at the same time you are quoting the price of its lowest version.. *biased review*

  3. the comparison is based on the price Alto K10 VXi is priced at Rs. 3.17 (non-metallic) while the Eon Magna is priced at Rs. 3.36 lakh. I completely deny its a biased review for we have clearly given the verdict highlighting the USP of each car ” Overall, the Alto K10 offers more with regard to performance while the Eon Magna which costs Rs. 19,000 more than the Alto K10 VXi, offers more space and

  4. Absolutely right. But when cars are closely priced, the buyer will consider all the cars in the same price range. :)

  5. Alto K10 is no comparison with Eon. Also the elegant high class sedan like style of K10 is amazing. I do not like to drive car look like a toy. My K10 is now 1 year old. I drive it in Hyderabad traffic like a bike and also overtake always the real bikes too.

  6. common the power to weight ratio of k10 is comparable to swift petrol nd u comparing it with eon…nothing in market can match k series engines refinement.. only cons is shorter gear ratio nd soft shockers of k10..everything else too gud.

  7. Trusted, proven ALTO k 10 with a mightier engine and maruti’s confidence is better any day.

  8. Aravind Anbu but still i dont c any relevance on dis… shuld be compare with alto 800cc only…..apart from pricing, hyundai 1st said dey ll launch magna at 2.36 and it was fixed and dont knw abt the sudden changes although magna is apealing but still it z new in the 800 cc segment and nt sure abt its performance as compared to alto 800cc.

  9. that is the on road price.but now beacuse of discounts it has come down to 3.4 lakhs on road.but eon with power steering and p windows is 40k costlier on road as hyundai is not providing discounts for say next few months.

  10. Hyundai Eon is the clear winner compare to any Alto 800 or Alto k10…….Eon looks better , interiors r better , mileage is gr8 , boot space is more , features are more and finaly legroom, headroom.shoulder room is more and getting in and out is better den alto…… u r looking for a betetr car den Alto 800, Alto k10, spark, astar go for Hyundai Eon the real value for money car…A.S.S and r

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