When it comes to the existence of the Hyundai Grand i10 Automatic in diesel guise, conflicting media reports have been the order of the day. The car, which has been confirmed by some outlets while denied by others, remains an enigma of sorts.

Folks betting on such a variant have indicated that the sheer convenience of an automatic gearbox paired to the frugality of diesel engine will be the selling point of the new car. Naysayers have countered by arguing that a diesel automatic variant of a B+ segment car could be priced in C-segment territory, negating the convenience and frugality angles. Also see: Grand i10 petrol AT launched

Now though, another cue, and one that could be a clincher really, has surfaced onto the interweb. A look at the owners manual of the Hyundai Grand i10 clearly lists out the starting procedure for a diesel engined automatic variant. In light of this, a diesel automatic variant of the Grand i10 might indeed be in the works.

Hyundai is likely to pair the 4 speed automatic gearbox, which is also found on the petrol automatic variant of the Grand i10, with the diesel engined model’s 1.1 liter-3 cylinder turbo diesel motor. The diesel motor outputs 70 PS-160 Nm.

The diesel  automatic variant of the Grand i10, if launched is likely to be the highest priced variant in the hatchback’s line up. Also, such a variant will be a segment kickstarter in India as automatic gearboxes have been available only on petrol engined B-segment hatchbacks.

If the Hyundai Grand i10’s diesel automatic variant proves to be successful, expect more car makers to introduce such variants in the future. Therefore, the diesel automatic variant of the Grand i10 could be more of an experiment that will have larger ramifications for the hatchback market in India.

Source: team BHP