Hyundai Grand i10 falls into pond: Onlookers jump in and save the family [Video]

In a recent unfortunate incident reported from Ranchi, a family of three escaped a near-death accident, when a car in which they were travelling fell into a pond. The family of three, including a father, mother and their two-year-old kid were travelling in a Hyundai Grand i10 Nios when the man driving the car lost control. As a result, the car fell into a pond located near the road on which they were moving. Luckily, all of them escaped unhurt, when three people at the moment managed to pull them out of the car. Nothing much is clear about the damages to the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios.

A video of the incident is going viral on the internet, in which a Hyundai Grand i10 Nios is seen partially submerged in the middle of a pond. A group of people are seen trying to pull the car out of the pond. Reportedly, all three people were stuck inside the car when it fell into the pond. However, seeing this, three men – named Mohammad Mohsin, Mohammad Armaan and Mohammad Sajid – came to the rescue and took all three family members out of the car. Later on, one of the three men helped the family by dropping them at their home, while the others tried to take the car out of the pond.

Lost control after high-speed

Hyundai Grand i10 falls into pond: Onlookers jump in and save the family [Video]

While nothing much is confirmed about how the vehicle fell into the pond, the initial investigation reveals that the man driving the Grand i10 Nios lost control of it due to over-speeding. As a result, the car fell into the pond nearby the road. Due to water penetration inside the car, the security system of the car failed, as a result of which the doors of the car got locked. The family couldn’t come out of the car on their own, however, the three men came to the rescue and helped the family.

Locking of the door panels due to water penetration when it falls into a water body is not an unusual thing, since the security system of the car is electronically-operated which can go kaput in such cases. To ensure that one escapes unhurt in such situations, it is recommended to break the window panels and windshields in such cases. In this case, the family was lucky enough that they were spotted by the three men who came to their rescue and helped them in coming out of the car.

Similar incidents reported earlier

Cars and SUVs falling into water bodies is not new. We have seen similar incidents in the past as well. It can be critical as vehicles can start to sink in water and the electricals get short after coming in contact with water. It might trap the passengers. The youngsters who jumped into the waterbody to save the passengers need to be appreciated for their efforts.