India’s bravest Hyundai Grand i10 driver shows how to ‘float’ across a flooded road

The cyclone Tauktae has created a lot of problems for the citizens staying near the west coast of India. Several reports of floods destroying the roads, homes and properties are doing rounds. While the cyclone is going on for a few days and several warnings were issued by the authorities, there are still many who got caught in the bad weather. Here is an example where a Hyundai Grand i10 goes across a flooded street and barely comes out of it.

The exact location of this video remains unknown but the video has become viral on the Internet. In the video, a Hyundai Grand i10 is seen crossing a heavily flooded road.  The level of water is quite high and none of the tyres is visible. In fact, the water level is reaching the top of the hood.

As the Grand i10 was crossing the flooded road, a small truck comes from the opposite direction. The currents created by the passing of the truck is so strong that it moves the Grand i10 around. The strong currents even lift the car and move it around. As the car starts to float, it loses traction completely.

But that’s not the end. Maruti Suzuki Ertiga follows the path of the truck and creates a second wave of strong currents. These waves even reach the windshield of the car and move it around again. However, as you can hear in the video, the engine of the car is still on.

The driver of the car keeps his foot on the accelerator and as the car floats ahead because of the momentum, the front wheels find the ground and the car moves ahead. It is quite interesting to see that the engine is not hydro locked in so much water.

But stay clear of flooded roads

India’s bravest Hyundai Grand i10 driver shows how to ‘float’ across a flooded road

Flooded roads can be extremely dangerous as we saw in this video. The Hyundai Grand i10 kept on going even when the water reached the windshield. The air intake of the Grand i10 is located near the engine firewall, which must have saved the vehicle. In most cars, the intake is located at the front, which can easily suck in the water and kill the engine. It is not the case with the Hyundai Grand i10.

However, flooded roads can throw major challenges to your vehicle and you can get stranded in the middle of the road. In 2019, two friends travelling in a Mahindra Scorpio got stuck in a flooded underpass. Their vehicle was stuck for hours and they could not come out of the vehicle as the doors were jammed because of the water pressure. They both suffocated to death.

The water could possibly enter the air intake and hydro-lock the vehicle. It could further enter the combustion chamber and can cause extreme damage to the engine. Further, if the ECU of the car comes in contact with water by any fluke, it could lead to a serious case of a short circuit. It’s not only a huge risk to the physical safety of the occupants of the car but could also lead to a huge financial burden to get the damages fixed. Therefore, it’s advisable to avoid such roads if possible, especially if you don’t know the road well.