How fast can a car go in reverse? Tested in Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS [Video]

Over the coarse of time we had brought many videos and articles to you that show and compares the top speed of cars and bikes under different situation. We had done articles on motorcycle drag races, car drag races, highway battles for top speed and so on. But today, we have a different kind of video doing a different test. Have you ever thought how fast can a car go in reverse gear? well, that is what exactly we have here in this video. The video has been uploaded by Power Stroke PS on their Youtube channel.

The car used in the video is the all-new Hyundai Grand i10 Nios. As per the video the car used here is a petrol version. The video simply starts by showing the car going in reverse on an empty stretch of road with the speedometer readings being shown on the right hand bottom corner of the screen. The car keeps on accelerating and the hits the limiter just under 6,000 rpm. The indicated speed on the meter at that time was 47 Kmph. So, the Hyundai Grand i10 Nios can do a maximum speed 47 kmph when driven in reverse gear.This is similar to the speed of Grand i10 Nios in first gear because, reverse gear is nothing but basically first gear reversed. So maximum speed of the Grand i10 is simply equal to the speed in first gear.

Talking about the Grand i10 Nios, Hyundai offers a total of 10 variants, seven out of which are petrol variants while the other three are diesel-powered. An AMT option is also available with Magna and Sportz variants in the petrol-powered models while diesel variants only get it with Sportz variant.

How fast can a car go in reverse? Tested in Hyundai Grand i10 NIOS [Video]

Coming to the Grand i10 Nios engine options, the petrol unit is a BSVI compliant 1.2-litre Kappa engine churns out 83 Ps of power and  114 Nm of torque. The1.2-litre CRDi diesel is also BSVI compliant engine and it produces 75 Ps of power and 190Nm of peak torque. Hyudai might also launch a more sportier version of the Nios hatchback. The ‘N Line’ version if launched will get the sportier 1.0L turbocharged petrol engine.