India’s first Hyundai Grand i10 with hyper-wide body kit looks CRAZY [Video]

Modification of affordable hatchbacks is not a common thing. Especially not in India. However, there are many passionate car lovers who love their rides and want it to look different. Here is a Hyundai Grand i10 with a hyper-wide body kit from Kerala that looks extreme!

Here is a video by Speedy Singh of a modified Grand i10 by Smokerz Garage, Kerala that looks straight out of a sci-fi movie. The video shows a heavily modified Hyundai Grand i10 that gets the widest body kit in the country. As per the video, this is the first car to get the hyper-wide body kit and it gets the name – Hyperhatch.

The front of the Hyundai Grand i10 has been modified completely with an aftermarket grille and bumper set-up. The headlamps are stock but it is partially covered to add a sleek look. Aftermarket HID projector headlamps have been added to the car too. The lens gets the smoked effect that adds a sporty effect. Down below, vertically-stacked LED lamps have been placed that work as the fog lamps in the car. There is a front bumper splitter in the car too that further accentuates the overall sporty nature of the Grand i10.

The hyper-wide body kit adds around 8 to 10 inches to the width of the car, which is quite a lot. It gets special aftermarket rims with wide tyres. The tyres used in the car are not low profile but they are installed in a way that the walls stretch out and give a low profile look from the side. The width of the alloy wheels is quite a lot. We are not sure if spacers have been used but the alloy wheels are wider than the total width of the Grand i10. It also gets side skirts and they are designed quite well to go with the overall look of the modified Grand i10.

Even the rear of the car is subjected to a great level of modification. The tail lamps get a tinted effect and the whole rear bumper set-up has been replaced with an aftermarket set-up. The rear bumper is also customised and has been shaped as per the customer’s demand. Other details in the include carbon-fibre dipped ORVMs and the door handles.

India’s first Hyundai Grand i10 with hyper-wide body kit looks CRAZY [Video]

Performance-wise, it gets HKS exhaust muffler that makes the car sound extremely good. As per the video, to convert a new car into such a modified version, it will take around Rs 5.5 lakhs while second-hand cars with similar modifications are available of around Rs 3.5 lakh. All the body kit shown in the video can be ordered from any part of India for more details, you can contact Smokerz Garage directly.