Hyundai has given the iX25 compact SUV a brand new name...

Hyundai has given the iX25 compact SUV a brand new name…

Creta is what the Hyundai iX25 compact SUV will be known as in India, and other international markets. The South Korean automaker says that the Creta moniker was arrived at to keep things simple and easy for buyers. Hyundai also adds that the Creta name was chosen as it comes close to the word ‘creative’.

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The Creta is known as the iX25 in China.



The Creta will be launched in July 2015. The compact SUV measures over 4 meters in length. This pits it directly against the likes of the Renault Duster and the upcoming Maruti Suzuki S-Cross. Hyundai will market their new offering as a proper SUV rather than a crossover, they have the i20 Active to handle the latter segment.

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The Creta sold in China has a slew of advanced features, safety options and creature comforts. Many of these will be offered on the India-spec variant as well. Top quality interiors are expected and so is a range of variants that will suit a wide range of budgets. The SUV will be heavily localized to meet stiff cost targets that the Indian market imposes.

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In terms of engines and transmissions, the 1.4 liter and 1.6 liter CRDI turbo diesel engines borrowed from the Verna are likely to be offered on the new compact SUV. The petrol motor is expected to be the 1.6 liter unit, again borrowed from the Verna.

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Manual and 4 speed automatic gearbox options are expected on both the petrol and diesel variants of the Creta. The vehicle will seat five and will be Hyundai’s first compact SUV for the Indian car market. Pricing is expected to start from above the 8 lakh rupee mark, going all the way up to 12 lakh rupees.

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While a four wheel drive layout is offered on the iX25/Creta sold in China, the fuel efficiency loving Indian market will see the monocoque SUV being sold with a front wheel drive layout. Bookings of the new Hyundai will commence shortly, with deliveries to begin soon after the launch.

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