Hyundai i20 catches fire after crashing into a bus: Passengers escape to safety [Video]

Hyundai i20 Bus Crash Bengaluru

Most Indians especially the drivers of heavy vehicles do not follow road rules. That’s why we get to see numerous heavy vehicles involved in accidents. Here is an incident where an i20 crashed into a bus and then caught fire. All the passengers of both the vehicles came out safely.

A video going viral on the internet shows the bus stuck behind the state bus. The car is on fire and you also see small blasts happening. The driver of the bus was trying to get rid of the car so that the bus would not catch fire. In doing so, he was driving around hoping to leave the car behind.

The i20 engulfed in fire saved the passengers though. All the passengers were out of the vehicle before the fire. This suggests that all the passengers were wearing seatbelts and the doors unlocked without any problems. In many such cases, the car doors are jammed because of the failure of the central locking system. Also, bent door frames cause the doors to jam. In this case, the A-Pillars held perfectly allowing the door to be operational even after this high-speed crash.

Hyundai i20 catches fire after crashing into a bus: Passengers escape to safety [Video]

According to the report, the bus came to a stop to pick up passengers. The Hyundai i20, which was being driven at a high-speed could not brake in time and crashed into the bus. Since there was no underrun protection in the bus, the nose of the i20 went under the bus. The first impact was on the bonnet of the car and it held up pretty well.

The fuel tank of the i20 likely got ruptured due to the heat after the fire. It caused a small blast, which you can see in the video.

Car fires

Many people choose to add after-market accessories like extra lamps or infotainment systems to their vehicles. However, if the wiring is not done correctly, it can lead to a short circuit. A short circuit has the potential to heat up the entire electrical circuit of the vehicle, even if the engine is running fine, and can even cause a fire. To avoid such risks, it is important to always go to a trusted dealer or mechanic when installing after-market parts.

CNG and LPG are popular alternatives to regular petrol and diesel fuels due to their cost-effectiveness. These kits utilize precise components to deliver compressed gas from cylinders to the engine. However, any faults in the delivery lines or the kits themselves can result in a serious fire hazard. Using substandard quality kits can also increase the risk of a fire. Therefore, it is crucial to have such kits installed by authorized workshops with trained personnel.

Cars are complex pieces of engineering. Neglecting regular maintenance can result in the vehicle catching fire. Fuel line leaks or other types of leaks that come into contact with engine parts can be a potential cause. Additionally, lack of regular servicing can cause old wires to lose their insulation, leading to a short circuit. Therefore, maintaining a car regularly is of utmost importance to prevent such incidents.

There can be several other factors that can cause car fires, including ruptured fuel lines, electrical short circuits, or poor design. While commercial vehicles in India are required to carry a fire extinguisher, there is no such rule for private car owners. However, it is always advisable to keep a small fire extinguisher handy to handle any emergency situations. There are many compact fire extinguisher canisters available on the market that can be conveniently ordered online.