Hyundai i20 driver survives after lateral crash into pole and truck [Video]

Accidents are not uncommon in India. There are hundreds of accidents reported daily. Here is one such accident of a Hyundai i20 hatchback that looks completely crushed but it still has saved the occupant. Here are the details.

The accident happened in Karnataka. According to the information, the vehicle was going at a high speed when the driver lost control of the vehicle. It rolled over and kept on skidding to hit an electric pole. The collision with the electric pole is quite crucial and the pictures of the car show that the pole did the maximum damage to the vehicle.

Another truck, which was passing by also hit the i20 Elite after it crashed with the pole. The damage to the hatchback is significant. However, the car has managed to keep the driver of the car safe. Only the driver was in the car when the accident happened and he came out of the vehicle with only a few minor scratches.

Hyundai i20 driver survives after lateral crash into pole and truck [Video]

Lateral crashes are much more critical than frontal crashes. That’s because the profile of the car does not get any crumple zone. It is only the front and the rear of the car that gets crumple zones. There are other passive safety features like curtain airbags that can save passengers from the impact of lateral crashes. However, the airbags alone do not work as good as they work with additional safety features like the crumple zones.

The fact that the Elite i20 kept the passenger safe and without any major injuries sure is a great achievement. Hyundai has discontinued the Elite i20 to bring in the all-new model of the premium.

All-new i20 keeps passengers safe

Even the all-new i20 has ample safety features. A family that was travelling in the new i20 fell from a bridge earlier this year. There were no deaths or fatal injuries reported from the incident.

The pictures indicate that the i20 fell on its roof. The report also claims that all the passengers travelling in the car were safe with minor injuries. For a car that fell on hard tarmac from such a height, it sure shows the strength of the vehicle.

The i20 still has all the pillars intact, which kept the passengers safe inside the car. It also seems like all the passengers had their seatbelts on, which let them escape the fall without severe injuries. This looks like the all-new Hyundai i20. While Global NCAP is yet to test the car for crash ratings, solid pillars that did not let the roof collapse in an accident says a lot about the build quality of the vehicle.

Hyundai recently added the new Venue N-Line to its line-up. The brand plans to bring in the all-new Ioniq5, New Verna and the Creta facelift to the Indian market in the next few months.