Hyundai i20 Elite becomes South Korean automaker’s best seller in India

The Hyundai Elite i20 premium B+ segment it seems is going from strength to strength. After a spectacular booking performance which saw a big clamour by hatchback buyers in India, sales of the hatchback have seen an upward swing with each passing month. In November 2014, the i20 Elite clocked wholesale sales of 10,500 units, in the process becoming the best selling car for Hyundai in India. The South Korean automaker’s latest bet for the B+ premium hatchback segment has clearly worked. Hyundai is aggressively marketing the i20 Elite on both online and offline platforms, in an effort that no other Hyundai car has seen in India thus far.

Hyundai i20 Elite becomes South Korean automaker’s best seller in India

With the i20 Elite, Hyundai took an unconventional approach by its standards. Instead of loading up the car with features and creature comforts like it usually does, Hyundai focused on improving quality levels and the actual feel of the car, all around. This focus led to the i20 Elite emerging as a well rounded, spacious hatchback even though it lost a few features and gained a few thousands in terms of pricing. Despite not offering an automatic option on the petrol engined i20 Elite, Hyundai has managed to keep sales rolling at a frenetic pace. Currently, the i20 Elite is sold with a 1.2 liter Kappa petrol engine and a 1.4 liter CRDI turbo diesel motor.

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The success of the i20 Elite will give other car makers the proof of the concept that the B+ segment premium hatchback space is really taking off in India. More launches are in the pipeline. Honda would be closely watching the space, even as it preps the Jazz hatchback for a launch in the first half of 2015. Maruti Suzuki will bring in the YRA code-named hatchback that will sit above the Swift in terms of price and positioning. In the past year, the premium B+ segment hatchback in India has seen a flurry of launches. Apart from the Hyundai i20 Elite, the Polo GT TDI and GT TSI twins followed by the Fiat Punto EVO 90 HP have arrived into India.

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