Hyundai i20 Elite Cross – New Details Emerge

Hyundai will build a crossover styled hatchback based on the recently launched i20 Elite, a car that has amassed 56,000 bookings in just 4 months of its launch. The crossover styled i20 Elite Cross hatchback will come with key differences that make it more functional than the regular i20 Elite. A major boost to the car’s functionality will concern its ground clearance, which will be upped by adding revised suspension components. So, the i20 Elite Cross will not just be a butch looking hatchback with body cladding and the world, but will also be a high riding car that can handle the rigours of Indian roads with aplomb.

Hyundai i20 Elite Cross – New Details Emerge

Also, the brakes of the i20 Elite Cross are said to be on the upgrade list. The car will ride on 16 inch alloy wheels that fill up its wheel wells nicely. The i20 Elite Cross is expected to be launched in India early next year. The car will take on other crossover styled hatchbacks currently sold in India such as the Fiat Avventura, the Volkswagen Cross Polo and the Toyota Etios Cross. In terms of engines and gearboxes, the i20 Elite Cross will use the same motors that the regular hatchback sells with. 1.2 liter Kappa petrol and 1.4 liter CRDI turbo diesel motors will be on offer, along with 5 and 6 speed manual transmissions for the petrol and diesel engines respectively.

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Crossover styled hatchbacks are slowly evolving in India. From being cars that were merely dolled up variants that were meant to look butch and do little else, crossover styled hatchbacks are now bringing functional bits to the equation. For instance, the Fiat Punto EVO based Avventura adds ground clearance and interior detailing changes while the upcoming Hyundai i20 Elite Cross also adds ground clearance and better braking. Such changes are likely to entice more car buyers in India to opt for the butch styled hatchbacks. The crossover styled hatchback segment, a perennial under performer this far, is likely to get a new lease of life through these functional changes.

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