Hyundai i20 N Line with a stage 2 remap makes 140 Bhp [Video]

Performance cars have not always been successful in Indian market. We have received several performance oriented hatchbacks and sedans in the past but, most of them were discontinued due to low demand. One of the recent car to enter this space is the Hyundai i20 N Line. It is not exactly the performance N version that is available internationally. It however offers different styling which gives it a sporty character than a regular turbo petrol i20. People have already started modifying i20 N Line and here we have one such hatchback with stage 2 remap and generates 140 bhp.

The video has been uploaded by The Drivers Hub on their YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger starts by comparing it with Volkswagen Polo. He mentions that Polo is not available in the market and the this is the next best thing we currently have in the market. The Hyundai i20 N Line seen in the video here looks like a brand new car. The owner straightaway decided to modify the car for better performance. The one seen here is the iMT variant which Hyundai’s clutchless manual transmission.

There are no cosmetic changes done to the car. It still gets the chequered flag design on the front grille, slightly smoked headlamps, gloss black lower lip with red accents, 16 inch alloy wheels, gloss black diffuser at the rear and dual-tone paint job. The owner had not opted for any exterior modifications. He only went ahead and completely enhanced the performance. It even gets a aftermarket twin tip valvetronic exhaust from Remus. When closed, it sounds like any other i20 N Line. The moment, the valves are open, it starts offering a very loud and sporty note. The same exhaust note can be heard in several parts of the video.

Hyundai i20 N Line with a stage 2 remap makes 140 Bhp [Video]

The vlogger then takes the car out for a drive. He mentions that the stock i20 N Line felt slightly lazy when it comes to acceleration. After the stage 2 modifications, the throttle response has definitely improved. he mentions that it is without any doubt one of the best handling car in this segment at the moment. He then starts talking about the gearbox. He mentions that the iMT gearbox is very convenient but for a person, who is more familiar with a manual or an automatic car, it would feel slightly odd. There is no physical clutch pedal but you are shifting the gears manually.

Overall, the gear shifts are quite smooth but, is it the best transmission for this engine, it is not. Vlogger mentions that there is slight delay whenever you upshift and that does not feel good specially when you have a car that is tuned for performance. He once again compares the i20 N Line with Polo TSI and mentions that it felt a lot more superior than this. He adds that Hyundai should have either offered a proper manual or just the the DCT gearbox with the i20 N Line. After all the modifications, the i20 N Line generates 140 Bhp and 250 Nm of torque. The stock car generates 118 Bhp and 172 Nm torque from the 1.0 litre, three-cylinder, turbo petrol engine.