Hyundai i20 on wrong side hits Tata Nexon and topples it: All passengers safe [Video]

tata nexon hyundai i20 crash featured

An accident between a Tata Nexon and Hyundai i20 was caught on CCTV. The crash caused the Tata Nexon to flip and turn turtle. The CCTV footage reveals exactly what happened.

The incident got caught on CCTV and shows a single-lane road inside the city limits. The video shows a fairly empty road and the Tata Nexon driving on the left hand side at a decent speed. Suddenly, the Nexon starts to move towards its right and a Hyundai i20 hatchback hits the side of the Nexon and causes it to flip and rest on its roof.

No one got injured in the incident. Everyone came out safely without any problem. The images also show that the Tata Nexon’s cabin was intact even though it flipped. The pillars of the vehicle did not deform at all kept the passengers safe. However, it is important to wear seatbelts to ensure that one escapes injuries in such incidents.

Hyundai i20 on wrong side hits Tata Nexon and topples it: All passengers safe [Video]

SUVs tend to be unstable

Some time ago, we witnessed a Tata Nano causing a Mahindra Thar to overturn after a collision. In another incident involving a Corolla Altis and a Fortuner, the SUV ended up flipping over. Many people questioned how a highly rated Mahindra Thar could be overturned by a Tata Nano, which has a zero-star safety rating. The answer lies in the stability of the vehicles. In truth, SUVs are inherently less stable by design. Although SUVs have gained immense popularity worldwide, they were originally designed to be slow and rugged for navigating rough terrains. However, nowadays, few SUV owners actually drive them off-road, leading to the rise of 4×2 SUVs, which are not even considered true SUVs.

SUVs, with their increased ground clearance, have a higher likelihood of tipping over compared to standard hatchbacks or sedans. It’s vital to exercise extra caution when driving SUVs at high speeds. The elevated ground clearance shifts the vehicle’s center of gravity further from the road surface, resulting in increased instability. This is why taking high-speed corners in an SUV can be unsettling, whereas it feels more stable in lower-profile vehicles like sedans.

The heightened risk of tilting and rolling over can be attributed to the greater ground clearance of SUVs. As a result, drivers, especially those transitioning from sedans, need to exercise increased care and attention when operating SUVs.

The first-generation Tata Nexon was the first-ever made-in-India car to earn a 5-star rating in the Global NCAP crash tests. The compact SUV scored 16.06 points out of 17 for adult occupant protection.