Hyundai i20 owner goes driving on the beach: Gets stuck in the sea

Taking hatchbacks or any other 2WD car to the beach is very risky. There are numerous examples on the Internet that shows how easily cars can get stuck on the soft -beach sand. However, there are still many who take chances and take their vehicles to the beaches. Here is one such video that shows the pre-facelifted i20 stuck royally on the beach.

The video’s source remains unknown so we cannot say where the video is from. The video shows that the older-generation i20 is stuck on the beach as the high tides have almost engulfed the vehicle.

There is no way that the i20 can come out of this situation on its own. And after the vehicle got submerged deep in the water due to the high tides, it definitely will require some serious repairs, which will cost a lot of money.

Taking vehicles so close to the shoreline can lead to grave problems. Even if the driver is capable and the vehicle comes with a 4X4 system, it is difficult to drive on the soft beach sand. If the car gets stuck and help does not arrive in time, the vehicle can even be washed away due to the high tide.

Can take cars to driving beaches

Hyundai i20 owner goes driving on the beach: Gets stuck in the sea

There are many driving beaches in India where one can drive legally and take their vehicle close to the shoreline. Such beaches consist of hard sand and do not cave under the weight of the vehicle. The Muzhappilangad beach in Kerala is one such beach where vehicles can enter after paying a small fee and drive near the shoreline. It is important to understand how dangerous driving on the beaches can be and why it should be avoided.

It is important to understand the capabilities of a vehicle. All the vehicles cannot do off-roading. Similarly, all vehicles cannot successfully drive on the beaches. It depends a lot on the tyres and also the drivetrain layout of the car.

Even 4X4 vehicles can get stuck

If you believe that 4X4 vehicles cannot get stuck at beaches or such places then that is wrong. Even 4X4 vehicles that most of us believe to be the most capable vehicles can also get royally stuck. That is why it is always important to always be careful and know the limits of the vehicle before taking them to unknown terrain.

One should always take precautions like keeping traction boards and even bring a rescue vehicle before entering an unknown off-roading track or trail.

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