Hyundai Ioniq to be brand’s first electric car for the Indian market

A new news report by Livemint confirms that the Ioniq Electric is indeed coming to India and it will be Hyundai’s first electric car on the market. Hyundai will showcase the Ioniq electric car at the 2018 Auto Expo before launching it later in 2018.

Hyundai Ioniq to be brand’s first electric car for the Indian market

Rakesh Srivastava, Director Sales, Hyundai India said to Livemint,

We will bring electric cars to India and will meet the timeline given by the Union government. Hyundai has the technology required for electric vehicles so we will bring them in all the segments we are present. We will surprise the market (when it comes to electric vehicles).

The Ioniq is an all-new car that was unveiled last year by Hyundai in many international markets. The new vehicle is built on Hyundai’s zero-emission platform, which has been developed recently by the brand. The car gets three types of powertrains – hybrid, plug-in hybrid and fully electric. The Indian market will get the all-electric version of the car.

The car is already on sale in many international markets. It will be an all-electric sedan that will be powered by 28 kWh lithium-ion polymer battery. The batteries power an 88 kW or 118 Bhp – 295 Nm motor that drives the front wheel of the car. On a full charge, the Ioniq electric can do 200 km. The battery is equipped with fast charging and the car also gets regenerative charging.

The car gets many safety features in the USA version like Blind spot detection, automatic emergency braking, lane departure warning, smart cruise control, headlamps with dynamic bending, electronic parking brake, tyre pressure monitor and more but we are not sure which features will be retained by the Indian version of the vehicle.

The Indian government has announced that India will work towards being an all-electric powered country by 2030. Various manufacturers are planning to bring in their electric powered cars to meet the deadline.