Hyundai iX25 Compact SUV to feature sharp pricing, over 90 % localization in India

Hyundai iX25 Compact SUV to feature sharp pricing, over 90 % localization in India

Arguably one of Hyundai’s biggest launches in India for 2015, the iX25 is the South Korean automaker’s maiden entry into the hotly competitive compact SUV segment here. Hyundai is India’s second largest car maker despite entering the country much after many other global auto giants. This success has come with a combination of sharp pricing, intelligent product positioning and a well oiled after sales service set up. Keen to replicate the i20 Elite, Hyundai’s latest success in India, the automaker will deliver in a localization level of over 90 % for the iX25 compact SUV.

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The high level of localization is anticipated to be the precursor to a competitive price tag, one that could upset the apple cart of many an established player in India’s compact SUV segment. The iX25 will roll out from Hyundai India’s Sriperumbudur factory and will be built to satiate both local and export demand. The iX25 is months away from a launch in India, with the middle of 2015 being the likely timeline of the compact SUV’s arrival into the market. The iX25 compact SUV has already gone on sale in the world’s largest car market, China, in petrol-only guise.

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In India though, turbo diesel variants will be served up considering the fact that SUVs are synonymous with diesel motors, with petrol powered ones making up for a tiny part of the overall volumes. The iX25, an SUV measuring over 4 meters in length, could make do with 1.6 liter petrol and 1.4/1.6 liter turbo diesel engines. A front wheel drive layout is expected to be standard fare with the possible introduction of the all wheel drive option on the top-end variants. A typical Hyundai, expect the iX25 to be loaded to the gills with features and creature comforts.

While the iX25 is the major SUV that Hyundai will sell in India during 2015, the automaker also a faux crossover in the works, in the form of the Elite i20 Cross.

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