Hyundai Kona electric car goes 400 Kms on a single charge: Trivandrum to Calicut on Video

The Kona compact SUV was the first fully electric vehicle launched by Korean car manufacturer in Indian market. It got launched last year and is one of the electric vehicle with highest driving range in the segment. It competes with cars like MG ZS EV and Tata Nexon EV that were launched in the market after the Kona. Kona EV is also the most expensive electric vehicle sold in the country. It has an ARAI certified driving range of 452 kms when fully charged. Here we have a video that shows a Hyundai Kona EV being driven from Kerala’s capital Trivandrum to Calicut which is over 400 kms away.

The video has been uploaded by KONA Kerala on their youtube channel. The video starts by explaining the whole plan of what the vlogger plans to do. Once everything is done, he picks up the Kona EV from dealership and shows the driving range that instrument cluster was showing and also the distance that he will have to travel. The vlogger plans to drive from a Hyundai dealership in Trivandrum to a Hyundai dealership in Calicut. The exact destination is around 409 kilometres from the start point and this will be a test on how much driving range will Kona EV have in real world conditions.

The driver leaves dealership with 100 percent charge and he joins the bypass road after driving for 69 kms. The roads in Kerala are quite narrow and crowded most of the time. Hyundai Kona comes with a unique feature where it allows the driver to switch on the AC only on his side if he is alone in the vehicle. The vlogger has also done the same and after covering 103 kilometres, Kona had used just over 20 percent of the battery.

Hyundai Kona electric car goes 400 Kms on a single charge: Trivandrum to Calicut on Video

After driving for 161 kms, vlogger takes a short break. The instrument cluster was still showing a driving range of 209 kms and the car had consumed 34 percent of the battery to cover this distance. The vlogger soon enters Kochi and soon started getting traffic jams. This cost him some time but, the range of the car was not affected as the car was not consuming too much energy while idling.

Using 50 percent of the total battery, Kona EV has covered 233 kms and was left with juice for another 160 kms. It soon started getting dark and the final destination was still 112 kms away. The car however still had range of around 137 kms. Kona was performing well in those conditions and with 7 percent of charge left in the batteries, it reached the Hyundai dealership in Calicut. The overall performance of the car was very impressive and throughout the drive, it vlogger was using the Eco mode to squeeze out maximum from range from the car.

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