Hyundai considering Maruti S-Presso challenger

The entry-level crossover segment, which was first made popular by the Renault Kwid and currently offers the likes of Maruti Suzuki S-Presso will soon see the launch of new cars. Earlier this year, Tata showcased the all-new H2X, which will be launched in a production version later this year. Hyundai, the second-largest automobile manufacturer in the Indian market is currently planning to launch an all-new vehicle in the same segment.

Hyundai considering Maruti S-Presso challenger

Currently, Hyundai India’s entry-level product is the Santro, which is followed by the likes of Grand i10. They are currently studying the segment below the Santro, which currently sees unprecedented sales from the likes of Kwid and the S-Presso. The segment makes up for a good number of units every month and Hyundai may launch an all-new product to compete with the current models.

CarandBike reports that Tarun Garg, Director – Sales, Marketing, Hyundai Motor India said,

We are very well covered in the entry level segment. There’s the Santro, Nios And the Grand i10 but if you see, this segment hasn’t really grown over the past few years, but this is quite the segment when it comes to volume, so the importance is very much there. Many first time buyers in this segment and it’s a handy tool to really get these first-timers on board and give them a great Hyundai experience, so that they can then move to the next segment. So, we will look at all opportunities, and we understand that the SUV styling in the entry level segment is something that the OEMs has tried it here in India. The response has been mixed, and we have to still study it more to make a decision on that.”

Hyundai discontinued the Eon last year after it was first introduced in 2011. The new car will fill the void left by the Eon in the line-up. The all-new car is expected to be based on the Hyundai Santro platform but will be much smaller in size. It will also offer a limited number of features to remain competitive when it comes to price.

Maruti Suzuki launched the all-new S-Presso in the Indian market and it has been doing quite well in the segment. Maruti Suzuki markets the S-Presso as an entry-level micro SUV and with its bold styling, it has attracted many youngsters. The all-new car from Hyundai is expected to get a similar styling with crossover-inspired looks and will get powered by only a petro engine with an option of manual as well as AMT automatic transmission.

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