Palisade luxury SUV to be Hyundai’s most EXPENSIVE SUV in India

Hyundai India launched the all-new Creta in the Indian market earlier this year, which already has become quite popular. Hyundai currently offers three SUVs in the Indian market including the all-new Venue, the Creta and the Tucson, which will be updated soon. With the rising popularity of SUVs in India, Hyundai is now looking to launch a luxury SUV in the market. The Hyundai Palisade, which is the flagship SUV from the brand is already on sale in the international markets and might launch in India in the coming months.

According to ACI, Hyundai India’s Director – Sales, Service and Marketing, Tarun Garg said that the car manufacturer is evaluating the launch of the all-new luxury SUV in the Indian market. It will be a low volume Completely Built Unit (CBU) product that will be imported as per demand. If the demand rises in future, Hyundai may start assembling the vehicle in the Indian market to bring down the overall cost.

Speaking to ACI, Tarun Garg said,

“We will take a decision on it at the right time, but I’ve driven the Palisade in Seoul myself and would love for our Indian customers to experience it too. An increase in customer enquiries will expedite our decision-making process, and on behalf of all the customers wanting for it to be launched here, I will push the management to bring the Palisade to India,”

Hyundai Palisade is currently available only in a left-hand-drive format. However, the manufacturer is working on the right-hand-drive models that will be launched in multiple markets including Australia and South Africa. The same model will be introduced to the Indian market. It should be noted that the Indian government has relaxed the homologation rules for the vehicles that sell less than 2,500 units per year. The Palisade will take advantage of the new rule and will launch the car without the need to homologate.

In the USA market, where the Palisade is already on sale, a massive 3.8-litre V6 petrol engine is used to power it. The petrol engine produces a maximum power of 295 PS and peak torque of 355 Nm. Since the Indian market is biased for fuel-efficient vehicles, we will also get a 2.2-litre diesel engine in the car that is already on sale in the South Korean market. There is a less powerful 3.5-litre petrol engine that generates a maximum power of 277 PS and peak torque of 335 Nm. All the three engine options get an 8-speed automatic transmission with four-wheel-drive option.

The Palisade will become the most expensive vehicle in the Indian market from Hyundai’s lineup. It measures a massive 4,980mm in length and looks monstrous on the roads. The SUV offers two seating options – 7-seats and 8-seater. The 7-seater version gets captain seats for the middle row. Hyundai discontinued the products like Sonata and the Santa Fe due to low demand but since then the market has changed a lot and the Palisade a become a successful vehicle for the Korean manufacturer. It can cost around Rs 40 lakhs and take on the higher-end variants of the vehicles like Skoda Kodiaq, Volkswagen Tiguan AllSpace, Ford Endeavour and Toyota Fortuner.