What happens when a Crane dumps a Hyundai Santro from a height [Video]

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Most automobiles are built to keep the occupants safe during accidents. The design of the vehicle is thought carefully and the structure of vehicles is tested to ensure that it does not give away easily. Here is an old-generation Hyundai Santro that gets dropped by a crane multiple times. Here’s the result.

This is a previous generation Santro and the experiment was done just to see what happens to a vehicle in general when it is dropped from a height. It is a unique experiment done by Blade XYZ. To get the result, a high lift mobile crane is used in the process. The Santro was first lifted up by the crane but after reaching a decent height, the rope of the crane gives away and the vehicle comes crashing down. Even if it was not a planned fall, the Santro lands on the front-end and rests on the roof. The structural integrity of the vehicle ensures that the pillars do not crumble or the front-end does not collapse after the fall. The intact pillars ensure that occupants of the vehicle do not get crushed in such an event.

The crane again takes up the Santro car and this time drops it from even a higher place. Even in the second time, the vehicle takes the impact on its front-end but does not gives away yet. The Santro visually looks quite damaged though. The crane then tries to lift the vehicle from the front so that the impact is on the rear-end of the vehicle but the vehicle falls down as there is no strong point in the vehicle in the front can take the whole weight of the vehicle. It is then lifted from the rear twice after that and comes crashing down. The video does not mention the exact height from which the vehicle gets dropped but it looks like good 20-25 feet of height.

What happens when a Crane dumps a Hyundai Santro from a height [Video]

After four drops, the Santro has been crumpled in every way possible but apart from the A-Pillar bending down, the condition of the cabin looks quite good. All the other parts like the windshield, door windscreens, headlamps, tail lamps and more have been destroyed completely.

This test does not prove the strength or weakness of the vehicle. It has been done just for pure fun and is not a test to check the strength of the vehicle. Falling from a height can cause multiple impacts on a vehicle and even though the structure of the vehicle remains intact, the impact force is huge. There have been many cases in the past where the vehicles have fallen down from bridges, flyovers and even mountains. In a few cases, the occupants survived but in most others, they did not. It majorly depends on the force of the impact on the vehicle and not the vehicle’s build quality alone.