Hyundai Santro owner upgrades to all new Tata Safari: Ownership review [Video]

The latest addition in the 7-seater car segment is the Safari by Tata Motors. The new Safari is all-new and is based on the Harrier. It gets the same engine and the same OMEGARC platform as the Harrier. The Safari is the new flagship for the homegrown manufacturer. The deliveries of Safari have already commenced. Here is a video uploaded by Jet Wheels on YouTube in which a Hyundai Santro owner has upgraded to a Tata Safari and he shares his review.

The owner has bought the top-end XZA+ Adventure Persona edition of the Safari.  The family was looking for a vehicle that falls under Rs. 25 lakhs. He says being an Indian he wanted a car that offered everything under the budget. So, he chose the Safari. The host asks the owner that there is the MG Hector Plus which offers a lot of features and equipment so why the family did not opt for it. According to the owner, the Hector Plus does come with a lot of “external” bells and whistles, but the owner wanted the interior to offer more. He says the leather quality, panoramic sunroof and colour of the cabin is better than the MG Hector Plus. Moreover, he also trusts Tata more because of their vehicles Global NCAP crash test ratings. He also likes the looks of the Tata cars and praises the design of the Altroz, Nexon and the Safari. All the Tata vehicles are now based on the IMPACT 2.0 design language. He also likes the road presence that the Harrier offered and the Safari is just a bigger version of it. So, it offers even more road presence.

The research for a new vehicle was done for about a year and they were also considering luxury brands like Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However, they got the same features and the safety level of German cars in an Indian car which is the Safari. Then he says that the Safari is better engineered, has better safety, is better stable on the highways and you can also go a bit off-roading in the Safari. The Safari offers complete value and complete safety as per the owner. They paid around Rs. 25.7 lakhs on-road price for the Safari.

Hyundai Santro owner upgrades to all new Tata Safari: Ownership review [Video]

The owner likes the seating comfort of the Safari and the dominance that the Safari offers on the road. He also adds that the power and torque from the engine in Sports mode. He also likes the brakes on the Safari. He also likes the Tropical Mist exterior as it is not flashy despite Tata calling it the “Adventure Persona edition”. The JBL Harman speakers can make you addicted as per the owner. The owner travelled 30 km in one go which included open stretches and sitting in the traffic. However, he felt like he has been cut off from the world as there was no outside noise creeping inside the cabin. He also appreciates the engine as from inside he cannot tell if the Safari is petrol-powered or diesel-powered. Overall, the owner is very happy with the new Safari.